Primary Mental Health Teams

Our primary mental health team (PMHT) is part of the Havering child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS).

We work with young people aged up to 18 and their families who are experiencing social, emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.

We offer a community-based initial assessment and can offer 6-12 sessions with regular reviews.

PMHT workers can offer therapeutic approaches including:

  • behavioural management
  • solution focused therapy
  • psychodynamic therapy
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • anger and anxiety management
  • parenting programmes
  • family work/groups
  • assertiveness

The PMHT team can liaise with other agencies involved with the family and can make specialist referrals

Useful documents

Flow Chart For Accessing Services
Form for PMHT and CFCSReferral
PMHT annual report 2009-2012

Directory of Services

Adult, Older Adult, Minority Ethnic People, Refugee and Asylum Seekers Services
Adult and Older Adult Mental Health Services
Organizations Working With Specific Ethnic Groups

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services
Adolescent Counselling and Support Services
Alcohol & Drug Services for young people
Bereavement Services
LGBT Youth services
Specialist services

Children with Disabilities
Hearing Impaired and Dyslexia Services for Children
Residential Care for Children with Learning Disabilities
Respite Services for Children with Disabilities

School support services
Education Support Services

Social Services, Health and Legal Services
Child Protection
Early Years Centres
Health Support Services
Legal Advice
Local Health Services - Hospitals & Clinics

Support Services for Families
Divorce, Separation and Step-families
Domestic Violence Assistance
Parent - Carers Support Services
Parenting Classes
Respite Care and Young Carers
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Contact the service in your borough


Barking and Dagenham Telephone:
0300 555 1012
Fax: 0844 493 0293
The Orchards Health Centre
Gascoigne Road
IG11 7RS
Havering Telephone:
0300 555 1124
Fax: 0844 493 0280
Raphael House
Victoria Centre
Pettits Lane
RM1 4HP 


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