The eRedbook is the digital version of the paper red book given to parents when a baby is born. At present, it is a digital addition to the paper red book but in time it will replace it for those who choose to have a digital record.


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Download the digital version on Play Store and App Store:

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What does eRedbook offer parents in North East London?

eRedbook helps parents find out more about their baby's development through guidance articles tailored to their baby’s age, allows parents to record and track their baby's weight and create a safe, long term record of their baby's health and development. It also provides information on what tests, checks, and immunisations are offered as part of the Healthy Child Programme.

How do I get my eRedbook?

You can access eRedbook by downloading the eRedbook app from the play or app store or by visiting the eRedbook website: and creating an account using NHS Login.

In North East London parents must create their accounts using NHS Login to receive NHS child health data. You can now use your eRedbook to start recording information about your pregnancy, baby or child. At this point, your eRedbook is NOT connected to your, or your baby’s NHS record.

How does my eRedbook become connected to the NHS?

If you have signed up antenatally using NHS Login and you are the birth mother of your baby, you don’t need to do anything. When your baby is born your eRedbook will automatically populate with your baby’s information.

If you have signed up postnatally or are the primary carer and not the birth mother of the baby, the account will need to be vouched by a Health Visitor or Midwife to connect it to your baby’s record.

Will it cost me money to sign up?

eRedbook is paid for by the NHS and is free for parents to use, the same as paper Redbooks.

Will I need multiple accounts for multiple children?

No. As a parent, you only need to have one eRedbook account. Within that account you can add all your children.

Can more than one parent be connected to an eRedbook?

Only one parent can be connected directly to a child’s account in eRedbook. It is recommended that the primary care-giver is the one to connect their account and then they share it with others.

How do I share my child’s records with my partner?

The primary caregiver can share the record with others (partner, grandparents, etc.) using record sharing as long as they sign up for an eRedbook account. You can stop sharing your child’s record at any time. Do not share your login details with anyone.

Who can write information into eRedbook?

Your eRedbook belongs to you. You can write in your child’s record at any time. If you have shared your child’s record with others and given them permission to write in it, they can add information too.

Recording your baby’s weight

As a parent you are encouraged to record your baby’s weight into eRedbook by doing this.

Select the graph icon on the left bar in the child’s eRedbook. Enter the weight on the next screen. It will appear as a circle on the graph. If a Health Visitor flows a weight to your eRedbook it will appear as a square.

Vaccinations in eRedbook

Any vaccination information that flows from the NHS to your eRedbook will appear on the Immunisations tab.  For vaccinations that do not appear in eRedbook, you can create a manual entry:

Select the Add Note icon on the left bar in the child’s eRedbook. Select Immunisations in the Note Category. Write the note or upload a photo of the Vaccination record from the paper red book.

Can I add my older children to eRedbook?

Yes. You can create an eRedbook record for any child but NHS health information may only be partly available or not at all for your older children. You can use notes to manually create a record of your older children’s health records e.g. vaccination history.

What information will the NHS see and is my data safe?

As the parent, you are the owner of the data you enter into eRedbook. None of this data will be shown to the NHS unless you choose to share it. Your data is stored by eRedbook in the cloud in strict accordance with NHS requirements.

Is eRedbook replacing the paper red book?

The paper red book will always remain an option for parents who do not want to go electronic for whatever reason.

What happens if I have little or no network signal?

For data security reasons eRedbook needs to be connected to the internet to work even if you are using the app.

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