Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022

AGM 2022 - 22 September 2022, 5.30-6.30

NELFT Annual Report and Accounts 2021-2022

Clinical Governance Learning Team

About us

The aim of the Clinical Governance team is to support staff across all services in the organisation to ensure best patient care outcomes. Some of the ways they support services include providing a variety of trainings, innovative projects, measuring standards to explore how to improve, learning events, promotion of national guidance and offering our expertise’s inline with the latest standards of practise.

Key Achievements 2021/22

  • Patient Safety Champions
  • Monthly Learning Themes
  • Patient Safety Partners
  • Monthly Trustwide learning events
  • Weekly Learning cascades to support monthly events
  • Simulation training
  • Virtual training
  • Launch of new Quality Support visits process
  • New audits implemented (Sexual Safety, Learning event)
  • Learning audit Evaluation form
  • Increased collaborative working with other teams across the trust, involvement reps and external agencies


We have received positive feedback from staff regarding the monthly learning events and the Patient Safety Champions contribution to supporting learning. Staff have stated the events have supported them in learning, finding out what others have been doing across the trust, networking with others in and outside the organisation and hearing an involvement representative’s perspective to support the reality of the learning theme.

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Cathrine Lund (

Kerry Barriffe(

Lucy Millard (


Eating Disorder Service (London)

About us

The NELFT Eating Disorder Service (London) began in 2009 as a small team of six and has grown over the last decade to a larger and more established team delivering high quality care across the lifespan. The team prides itself in working closely with service users, their families and partnership agencies. As members of the Quality Network Community CAMHS (QNCC) we have undergone a self and peer review process prior to applying for full accreditation. QNCC completed a detailed and multi-staged review, looking for evidence of best practice and examples of delivering the highest level of care.

Key Achievements 2021/22

Being awarded with full QNCC accreditation with the Royal College of Psychiatrists. There are only two other CAMHS Eating Disorder services that currently have this status in the UK. The team are delighted to have received this recognition of their hard work and dedication to patient care.


The QNCC commended the team on their delivery of evidence-based practice as well as incorporating Emotion-Focused Family Therapy as an innovative approach to working with eating disorders.

An important part of the review included feedback from young people and families who said:

The team have made me feel involved in my child’s care from the start” and “The service has really helped us…. They explained how to understand the illness, validated us and the skills we learnt were amazing”.

Overall, QNCC felt that the team:

“...were operating at a high level, with multiple examples of best practice.”

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Havering Emotional Support Team (HEST)

About us

The Havering Emotional Suport Team (HEST) are a new collaborative service which is designed to help meet the emotional wellbeing needs of children and young people in education settings. This support is aimed at children and young people who may be experiencing mild to moderate emotional wellbeing concerns. We provide additional support working alongside other professionals who are already based in and around schools and colleges as part of the Whole School Approach

Currently, HEST is available in twelve project schools across the borough, which includes both primary and secondary schools, with the aim of branching out in more schools and colleges in the future.

Key Achievement 2021/22

The achievements of our new team, which was established during the tail end of the pandemic.  Despite the challenges of blended working - getting to know one another, getting to know the staff and demographics in their schools, the team having to complete course assignments whilst working together to develop working practices and deliver support in schools. We have:

  • Established relationships with our schools.
  • Provided one-to-one and group support for children, young people, staff and families.
  • Delivered assemblies.
  • Interacted with parents and staff at school events such as parents’ evenings, coffee mornings and sports days.
  • Attended student and parent forum meetings to ensure that their voices are heard in relation to ensuring our service provision is relevant.
  • Provided in-school summer activities.
  • Designed our own materials for groups, workshops and assemblies.
  • Changed our service name following participation with children and young people.
  • Designed our own logo.


“Thank you so much for all your help and support.  We really appreciated the time and effort you put into the sessions and all the care and advice given to us. We really have noticed a difference in our parenting and in our child’s behaviour even though we know we still have a way to go!”

“I just wanted to send an email to acknowledge all the hard work that you put into planning and delivering the summer programme at Drapers. I am aware that it was a huge success. The families who attended were so grateful for the input, the activities, crafts, games the lovely display board and of course the celebration event!!”

“I spoke with parents who you and others were able to offer psycho-education to, in a really relaxed informal environment. The parents explained that they really looked froward to having somewhere to bring their children every week during the holidays. It was also good that you established relationships with the families from Ukraine.”

“This is a gold standard team.”

Contact us

Diana Daniel-Dawson

Clincal Lead/Service Manager , Havering Emotional Support Team (HEST).

Cranham Health Centre


RM14  1RG


Tel: 0300 555 1200 EXT 66636 / 07958103325



 About us

The KeepingWellNEL Wellbeing Hub is a free, safe, confidential and inclusive service to support the wellbeing needs of all and any health and care staff in north-east London.

We offer culturally appropriate services for individuals, teams and managers, including safe, confidential, emotional support via online chat, freephone and text. We also offer events, training and self-help advice.

Key Achievements 2021/22

  • Workforce wellbeing service hosted by NELFT mobilised within 18 months and supports seven boroughs across NEL.
  • Engaging all NELFT new starters via KeepingWellNEL wellbeing induction video.
  • Engaged with over 5000 colleagues who will receive a wellbeing box to support their self-care and KeepingWellNEL wellbeing newsletter to continue supporting their wellbeing and that of their colleagues.
  • Supported colleagues from primary care networks and social care settings via the accelerator programme.
  • Launched various training pathways to allow the workforce to implement peer wellbeing support. TRiM, StRaW, REACT - MH training. Train the trainer model.
  • Providing culturally appropriate support for colleagues who identify as part of a racially minoritised group via our therapy piolets in partnership with Black Minds Matter and Nafsiyat.
  • Implementing Leadership Support Circles and Schwartz Rounds across NEL.


“The wellbeing advisor I spoke to was very helpful and made me feel safe, valued and comfortable to express my feelings.”

“I could arrange a callback around my shift patterns and was able to access the support I needed in a quick and professional way”

“It was a fantastic event dedicated to self-care, which is often the last priority for ourselves. Very informative and uplifting.”

“Very accessible resources. I found great tips on how to improve my sleep around shift work.”

Contact us

View our website to find our more or call us on +44 7723 484839.

More info re the KeepingWellNEL Team KeepingWellNEL Team

Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) Service

About us

The Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) service in NELFT aims to promote an open and transparent culture to ensure all staff feel safe and supported to raise any concerns that could impact the experience of patients or staff. It provides a confidential channel for support and guidance; it encourages colleagues to raise concerns locally and ensures any concerns raised are handled appropriately in an open and transparent way. It represents and promotes the FTSU principles and highlights any concerns with the Trust Board and where appropriate at a range of levels within the organisation’s overall governance framework.

Key Achievements 2021/22

The promotion and engagement of FTSU has continued, with an increase in presentations at team meetings and outreach to the adult inpatient wards and the circulation of a FTSU awareness survey across NELFT. The FTSU Strategic Plan was updated to further develop and embed the values and principles of a positive speaking up culture.

The trust has adopted all three of the FTSU online modules developed by NHS England and the National Guardian’s Office on its internal training platform. These modules guide workers on how and why to raise concerns, how managers can effectively respond to workers who raise concerns with them and how senior leaders can create a positive speaking up culture.

For the purpose of developing an open, fair, listening and learning culture, the FTSU Guardian has continued to participate in the meetings and workstreams that guide the activities being carried out by the Just and Compassionate Culture Steering Group. To promote respect and civility in the trust, a video featuring the head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the FTSU Guardian was created and widely shared, along with the facilitation of respect and civility sessions with various teams in NELFT.


“I have worked with FTSU guardian and have found this a useful and helpful approach for clinical staff with ultimately positive outcomes”

“Helpful, timely and with great compassion and care. A value-based experience noted in contrast to other collegiate interactions. It addressed a key theme regarding reciprocal feedback when concerns are raised and what happens afterwards.”

“The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian was a lifeline to me and made sure my voice was heard when I had been ignored for a long time.”

“The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian was a positive support during a stressful and mentally challenging time, where I felt very alone. I do not anticipate I will have any problems again, but I would definitely access the service if I did.”

“Thank you,  for all you support and commitment, we are very thankful for your contributions with our learner programmes.”

Contact us

The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, Kate Pollock, can be reached via

Mobile: 0776 682 0056

Freedom to speak up training that is available to all staff.


Quality Improvement Services

About us

NELFT Quality Improvement Services consists of three teams who work together to provide a variety of skills and tools to staff and patients as part of the quality improvement (QI) process. We offer staff the opportunity to embrace different methodologies of QI (through training and support) that can be embedded into services for improved staff wellbeing, and better patient care/outcomes. These include the Clinical Audit Cycle and the IHI Model for Improvement.

We believe that QI is the way forward in making sustainable changes and improvements within NELFT, allowing teams to take ownership of their improvement ideas.

For a deeper insight into the services please view our brochure here.


Key achievements 2021/22

In October 2021 the Services returned in full after almost twow years of redeployment. It was incredible to see as a service that even in a time when the entire NHS was given a sole focus (to fight COVID-19) and when capacity was at the lowest point, the appetite for quality improvement seemed as high as ever. There were still frequent requests for support and training coming into the teams. Therefore, on return the services were ready to restart and return with even more energy than before.

The services rebranded from the two previous teams - NELFT Quality Improvement Programme (NQIP) and Clinical Audit, Improvement and NICE Department (CAIN) to one combined NELFT Quality Improvement Services consisting of three teams.

To view key achievements and feedback personal to each team please click on the team name below:

  • Clinical Audit and NICE Team:
    • Who lead on all training and support initiatives around improving quality of care and providing assurance using the Clinical Audit Cycle within the trust. The Team project manages all Trust National Audits, NELFT key priority and local priority audits from start to finish and maintain NICE Guidance dissemination process.
  • Learning and Support Team:
    • Who lead on all training and support initiatives around the IHI Model for Improvement within the trust.
  • Strategic Projects Team:
    • Who lead on supporting any quality improvement projects that align to strategic priorities across NELFT.

Feedback / Testimonials

Clinical Audit and NICE Team Feedback:

Anonymous Patient Representative Feedback:

“Thank you for the clarity you have provided us with […] on the clinical audit team, it's remit and the governance. The representation of your team, the scope of your operational rationalisation and the passion you engage in pursuing your aims are very reassuring. I must add that I tend to view staff through the lens of the 5 Ps. In that respect you ticked all the boxes and then some. I look forward to the Clinical Audit training.”

Learning and Support Team Feedback (feedback from QI Project Support):

Rhiannaon Haag, NELFT Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist:

"My name is Rhiannon Haag and I am Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist.  My specialty is in working with patients following head and neck cancer, including people who have undergone a laryngectomy.  I first completed QI facilitator training in 2017, followed by mentor training and membership of the Q Community.  As a team, we have worked hard to embed QI as our ‘business as usual’.  This meant that when the pandemic started, we viewed the challenges we were facing through both a clinical and a QI lens.  We worked to incorporate QI methodology into our rapid changes and collected data to evidence our achievements and any unintended consequences of change.  As a result, we were able to share our data and experiences easily at national level, have been supported to write our data up for publication, and were ultimately invited to submit our project for presentation at the BMJ Quality conference in Gothenburg 2022.  This conference was an excellent opportunity to raise our profile as a trust and team, and to learn in more detail and gather ideas about how we can better use our QI skills in the future. I would like to thank the NELFT QI team for supporting us so generously."


Strategic Projects Team Feedback (New Ways of Working):


“New ways of working allow people like me to still work and full time through covid I had cancer and have spinal trauma and neurological problems. I want to continue working and make a difference. Thanks”

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QIS Microsite:

QIS Twitter: @nelftqis

QIS Emails:

Clinical Audit and NICE Team Email:

Learning and Support Team:

Strategic Projects Team:

QIS Newsletter: click here to subscribe

Quality Improvement poster

Adult Neuropsychology Service

About us

The Adult Neuropsychology Service provides assessment, advice, and consultation to teams across NELFT’s London boroughs who are working with patients with neurological conditions.

Key Achievements 2021/22

By building links with colleagues in both health and mental health in NELFT, the service have worked to support teams to manage neuro-related complexity. This has included formulating and manging risk, tailoring care planning and meeting the needs of clients with neurological conditions who might otherwise fall between gaps in services.


From a Memory Service client and their spouse who received couples cognitive rehabilitation intervention from a trainee clinical psychologist in the Neuropsychology Service:

''Over the last couple of years I have been growing more anxious and fearful about what my wife's mild memory loss will have on both of our quality of life. I have at times felt desperate and helpless, not knowing the best way to help. I can honestly say that the strategies and the shared talking about how to handle the mild memory loss has made that anxiety almost disappear - I will not need to continue to take up further NHS time with my own emotional needs. It has also given us hope and a long term plan to follow. Our marital relationship has improved 100% and I think we will now no longer need to get in the queue for family therapy. We are aware that this has only been made availabble due to certain circumstances within your service and is not readily available all the time. We think that this service would benefit anybody in the same situation and would ultimately sve the NHS a lot of money by early intervention!''

Waltham Forest Long COVID patient feedback:

''Firstly, I wanted to say thank you so much for all the support you and the team have given me. It's been a very hard time for me since having COVID-19 and it's been unbelievably reassuring to have had tests and to be able to understand what has been going on with me neurologically.

Please can you pass on my huge compliment to you and the team. You have been so kind, respectful and supportive and have put my troubled mind at rest. The follow up appointment was invaluable for me to be able to understamd how the tests were interpreted and how this related to what I was experiencing.

Your service is doing very important work to suport people who have experienced neurological problems since having COVID-19. Thank you again for your kindness and support.''

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Redbridge Family Nurse Partnership

About us

Family Nurses are specially trained to work alongside young parents. The programme consists of regular visits through pregnancy to build a therapeutic relationship with the parent. The aim is to offer a strengths-based approach supporting the young person/parent to understand the needs of their child and empower them to make choices that will give their child the best possible start in life. The programme is underpinned by theories that include attachment, self-belief and how the environment impacts outcomes for children. The programme allows the young parents to explore their feelings, beliefs and values regarding childcare and parenting with an aim to provide support and guidance towards preparing them for the challenges that being a new parent brings with an aim to improve health and outcomes for the young person and baby.

Key Achievements 2021/22

The Redbridge Family Nurses co ordinated a young parents group which is held in a Redbridge Childrens Centre on a monthly basis – where young parents can meet with their babies or during their pregnancy to share their experiences and meet new friends.

The group brings together young people that are often isolated and find it challenging to engage with community services due to their age and life experiences

The group has evolved to include health promotion activities.


From a client and her 2 month old son – the client is a care leaver – she is living in temporary accommodation and has no family support – this is related to the service:

''Hi Thanks so much for the visit today- I just want to use this opportunity to just thank you for giving me words of encouragement here and there and reminding me of how I am doing such a great job from my pregnancy, to after pregnancy, to breast feeding – I am super grateful – I don’t get any of this from anyone so hearing it from you keeps me going at all times. Thank you so much “

Client feedback regarding the young parents group:

“I’ve found the group really welcoming and interesting to go to. Obviously the anxiety of having  to socialise for both me and my baby and having other people understand this new role as a parent was one of my biggest worries but meeting other young people at the group has changed that and we have managed to maintain a relationship outside too which is a plus. I am happy my family nurse encouraged me to come along it has done wonders for my confidence and self esteem as a new mum”

Contact us

Family Nurse Supervisor Liana Gintautaite

07718 422692


Family Nurse Joanne O’Toole


07920 500545


Family Nurse Jade Lee

07590 616483

Health Way Foundation – NELFT’s Charity

About us

The Health Way Foundation is the NELFT charity which funds projects relating to Trust environments, patient activities, staff well-being, innovation and non-essential equipment in order to help patients access the best possible care when they need it the most.

The charity enables our colleagues to understand the needs of our services users and help them to go above and beyond what is government funded by accepting donations, fundraising and applying for grants to support them and their project which will improve our patient’s experience within the Trust. 

Key Achievements 2021/22

  • Supporting the Health and Wellbeing team with a £35,000 grant which helped them to be able to: Engage with Timewise for the flexible working project, achieve their carers accreditation with Carers UK, set up financial workshops for staff and achieve their accreditation with working families.
  • Fundraised through the NELFT Step Challenge (with the support of the Health and Wellbeing Team) which had an impressive 600 participants.
  • Supported NELFT Thank You Week.
  • Purchased Syringe Driver in which funds were donated by a grateful patient family.
  • Purchased Christmas presents for inpatients on wards on both children and adult units.
  • Supported half-term activities for adolescent inpatient units.


''The Health Way Foundation play a massive part in supporting the young people in our unit. Without the crucial funds that Health Way provide us we would not be able to support the young people in our care to engage in the occupationally diverse activities we provide. These activities and groups directly impact their care and treatment, and allow myself and the rest of the OT Team to facilitate sessions focusing on independent living, key life skills and providing the young people with opportunities to attend trips and experiences that they might otherwise have not had the chance to do. With the support from yourselves the young people in our care get to have a more positive hospital experience, learning, finding new hobbies, re-engaging in hobbies they had previously given up on and learning to engage in positive occupations that not only boosts their mood, but allow them to give back to the hospital community and develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. Thank you for your continued support, from the OT Team and all the Young People at Brookside.''

Images from Brookside

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   More information re Healthway Foundation


Kent and Medway All Age Eating Disorder Service

About us

The Kent and Medway All Age Eating Disorder Service (AAEDS) is a specialist community service which covers the geographical area of Kent and Medway with the aim of bringing  hope and confidence, through help and support to those who have an eating disorder. We offer a range of NICE recommended treatments and additional adjuncts to treatment, including dietetic intervention and physical health monitoring by a highly skilled and dedicated multi-disciplinary team. In line with the NHS long term plan, we have recently added an early intervention Pathway called FREED to our clinical offer and are looking to implement other additional pathways ( intensive care pathway to reduce risk of admission to acute hospital and specialist eating disorder inpatient services and ARFID).  We continue to make links with our CYPMHS colleagues both in the community and inpatient services as well as developing collaborative links with our colleagues in adult mental health to improve the offer to our patient group.

Key Achievements 2021/22

AAEDS have met access and waiting time standards for both children and adults despite a continued increase in demand for the service as well as acuity. In addition, AAEDS are very proud of staff retention and the ever-growing professional development through access to HEE funded courses which in turn is meaning a enhanced offer of treatment to our patient group and also contributing to maintaining our dedicated workforce.


''My assessment was thorough, there was a prompt response to my referral, the team have been easy to engage with and they are professional.''

''The nurse we saw was genuine in her care, very engaging, knowledgeable and professional. As a result my daughter feels validated and we can already see she is responding positively.''

''The staff I met were all really friendly and I felt listened to.''

''The call was informative and the lady had a pleasant manner.''

''The appointment was arranged quickly from the time of referral. The person we saw was kind and communicated well.''

''Our therapist has been amazing from the start. So friendly and nurturing. From the minute you walk inton the building you are made to feel welcome and at ease.''


Contact us

Sara Boorman

Assistant Director


Kim Farrimond

Integrated Team Manager


Annie Cardinal

Strategic and Clinical Lead

Rough Sleepers Mental Health Team

About us

The Rough Sleepers Mental Health Team (RSMHT) was set up as a pilot, funded by the Greater London Authority and the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government for two years from April 2020. Due to the success of the pilot and positive feedback from stakeholders, the pilot was extended for a further 2 years from 2022-2024. The team consists of a Clinical Lead, a Community Mental Health Nurse and a Mental Health Social Worker, a part-time Psychologist and a Peer Support Worker.  

The RSMHT works across the four NELFT London Boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Redbridge and Waltham Forest, providing mental health assessment and treatment to rough sleepers. We engage with marginalised people aged 18 and over who are not currently receiving support and link them in with mental health or other services as required. We work closely with the Street Outreach services, Substance Misuse services and with Local Authorities and housing services in each area. We also liaise with other NELFT teams, such as in-patient wards, AMHP services, HTT’s, AABIT’s, EIP’s, CRT’s and psychology pathways across the four boroughs.

Due to previous experiences and multiple past trauma, this marginalised group of people are not able to access mainstream services. The team work to an assertive outreach approach, meeting people at their sleep site or homelessness centres hostels, cafes, and other community locations. We holistically support rough sleepers with a range of issues and services. The support offered includes care and treatment of mental and physical health issues, and access to accommodation, benefits and legal advice to enhance their quality of life and enable them to feel part of society again. The psychologist in the team provides psychological assessment and brief intervention with the aim of engaging individuals supporting them with onward referral to appropriate psychology pathways if suitable. 

Key Achievements 2021/2022

In April 2022 the RSMHT received a letter of recognition from London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, in which he stated:

“It is clear the Trust has made a real success of the programme, establishing a high-quality service which has supported hundreds of people who otherwise would have been unlikely to access the care and treatment that they need.

The feedback my team have received from other stakeholders in the region has been excellent, with boroughs and homelessness services reporting that your service has completely transformed how people with mental health needs are supported and enabled many people to leave the streets.

The Trust has shown great commitment to ensuring the service continues after the two-year pilot period that I was able to fund, and I’m delighted that you have now secured NHS funding to continue the team’s work from 2022/2023 onwards.”


“Life was really tough. The team was a blessing in disguise really. Out of the blue. I don't know what I would have done without them to be honest with you. I was just grateful that there was someone there...I trusted them to help me. Everyone's an individual...I just wish everyone got the same kind of help”

“...I've got a roof over my head and I can access a college course now. And then hopefully get some part time or voluntary work and build myself back up again. I lost all my confidence when I was on the streets…I wouldn't have been able to do that on the street…it's (RSMHT) helped me with that a great deal”

Contact us

Julia Jones (Clinical Lead)
Rough Sleepers Mental Health Team
Mellmead House
4 Orchard Close
E11 2DH