Strategy FAQ's

Questions about our NELFT Corporate Strategy 2018-2023

Q. Why has the strategy been refreshed?

A. The health and care landscape in which we operate is constantly changing and the most recent focus is on improving the health of populations across localities in a more integrated and joined up way.

As a Trust we have grown geographically and provide a wide range of community and mental health services across a number of localities and this can be complex and demanding. We work with a lot of commissioners and partners who have different requirements for how we deliver care to patients in their areas.

This level of complexity can sometimes make it challenging to feel like we are all part of one Trust and to ensure we can articulate why we make certain decisions. The refreshed strategy aims to set a direction of travel for the Trust that can bring people together in terms of working towards common goals but offers the flexibility to ensure it is relevant in all of our localities.

Q. Who was involved in developing the strategy?

The Trust Board, senior leaders, Governors and partners have all been involved in the process of developing the strategy.

Q. How will we measure our success?

A. There are a number of strategic actions linked to each area and these have detailed plans to help deliver them. Each area has an Executive Director lead who will be reporting progress to our Trust Board on a quarterly basis.

Q. What happens to the previous strategy, the original ‘From Good to Best’ published in 2015?

A. This strategy builds on the 2015 version and updates key areas to reflect the environment we are now working in and the priorities for the Trust. We are still aiming to be a thought leader, integrator, innovator and partner and the refreshed strategy strengthens this.

Q. What is an STP?

A. A Sustainability and Transformation Plan. There 44 areas identified across the country with STPs to support the improved delivery of NHS and social care across the STP footprint. We are part of three STPs across NELFT. (East London, Mid and South Essex, Kent and Medway).

Q. How will people find out about the strategy?

A. The strategy will be published on the Trust website along with a short summary version. It will also be on our intranet for staff. We have planned some communications and engagement activities with our staff to share information about the strategy. We will ensure that our work with stakeholders references our strategy.