Our approach

Doctor with patient

Our approach is person-centred and non-hierarchical. We see family and significant others as partners in a person's recovery. 

We aim to provide a non-hierarchical, person-centred approach to care. We believe that every person within the meeting has an equal voice – no person’s opinion is more important than another, be it the patient, doctor, mother support worker and so on. Family members and significant others and the team are partners in a person’s recovery.

As such, we follow several of the core principles of the Open Dialogue approach, one of which is Dialogism - a therapeutic attitude that aims to bring out all voices, and make sure that all in the meeting feel fully heard. This gives people a space to find their own meaning through their experience.

For more information on our approach, please see the NELFT Open Dialogue page  here

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The patient’s family, friends and social network are seen as 'competent or potentially competent partners in the recovery process from day one' 

'People are taught to… use the relationship to create new ways of seeing, thinking, and doing.'

'Having friends (and a social network) is associated with more favourable clinical outcomes and a higher quality of life in mental disorders'