Our approach

At CYPMHS we believe in supporting young people to put their mind first, to take time to look after and value their own mental health and wellbeing as much as their physical health. We encourage young people to access a range of resources available within Kent that support and nurture good mental health. For more information visit The Kent Resilience Hub

We also have an Instagram page to help us better support and communicate with young people who might be struggling with their mental health or wellbeing. We want to raise awareness and understanding of a wide range of wellbeing challenges, and empower you to feel more in control of your own mental health.

Below are some of the key aims we have for this account:

  • Improving service awareness
  • Helping young people to build positive relationships with social media
  • Improving participation and young people’s involvement in service improvements
  • Increasing young people’s emotional resilience
  • Removing the stigma around receiving mental health treatment

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For young people who need some additional support the Single Point of Access (SPA) accepts referrals from anyone worried about a child or young person – family member, carer, professional or young people can also self-refer.  Just pick up the phone or complete our form here: 

SPA will decide if Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service (CYPMHS)  are the most appropriate service for you. CYPMHS provide assessment and treatment for children and young people experiencing mental health difficulties.  Following the assessment a care plan is agreed regarding how best to help.  If treatment is suggested this treatment will be evidence based (following NICE - National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines).  Treatment may be provided either in a group or 1:1  Treatments may also involve the people around the children and young people such as carers, schools and other professionals.  All care plans are individual based upon the needs of the young person.

  • Please note that we are offering some of our support services via telephone and video call/virtual groups due to the Covid 19 situation. Please make us aware if you have any difficulties accessing support in this way. We will take this into consideration and discuss this with you further before deciding a way forward. Where necessary appointments are still happening face to face.