Learning disabilities

What is a learning disability?

The Department of Health (DoH) defines a learning disability as including the presence of:

A significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, to learn new skills (impaired intellectual functioning) with a reduced ability to cope independently (impairment of adaptive/social functioning) which started before adulthood, with a lasting effect on development.

Valuing People, Department of Health (2009)


In other words, a learning disability is when someone is much less able to :
Adult explaining understand new or difficult information
Two men talking learn new skills
Worried face cope with things by themselves

Who are we?

Who we are and where our services are provided
Adult Couple NELFT's learning disability teams provide health and social care services in partnership with the Local Authority (LA) for adults with learning disabilities across:   
map london

- Barking and Dagenham 

- Havering

- Waltham Forest

- Redbridge

- Inpatient Moore Ward

SEPT logo The learning disability teams in Essex are managed by South Essex Partnership Trust (SEPT).


Who is in the team?

We are a team of:
admin staff admin staff
nurses nurses
social worker social workers
  behavioural and family therapists

behavioural therapists

family therapists

psychologists and psychiatrists  



speech and occupational therapists

speech and language therapists

occupational therapists

art therapists

art therapists