About you

There are some things that you can do before and after meeting the learning disability team.

Your annual health check
check up Make an appointment with your GP for a health check. This is done once a year.
women with her thumb up The health check will make sure you are healthy. It is your right to have a health check.
health action plan Take your health action plan with you. A plan to keep you healthy should be written in the health action plan.


Your health action plan
health action plan A health action plan is a personal plan about what you need to do to stay healthy. Take your health action plan to your GP and all your health appointments.
taking control of your plan It allows you to control your own health – this means you have the responsibility for your health. You and other people in your life will help to make your health action plan and make sure that it happens.

You can download a copy of the health action plan here:  Health Action Plan [docx] 609KB