Going into hospital

Going into hospital
women in front of hospital Going into hospital for any reason is worrying for anyone.
man in front of hospital When going into hospital you will need to have your hospital passport.
Hospital passport [pdf] 672KB
Man with his Hospital passport Your passport tells the hospital all about you, what is wrong and other things like any needs you have or things you like or don’t like.
  thumbs up This helps staff make your stay as good as it can be.
three people in front of hospital Community health staff will work closely with the hospital to help you get better.

You or your carer can find out more about the hospitals in your area by clicking below:

Moore Ward

On Moore Ward
ward Sometimes people with a learning disability need to stay on Moore Ward where we can find out what help they need and give that help.
therapy session The ward supports people with mental illness and challenging behaviours.
men fighting People referred to the service may present a risk to themselves or other. 
worried face in front of houses This can make it difficult for them to live at home or to make use of other services or community facilities.
  When you come on the ward the patient information leaflet will help you to know more about the ward.
group meeting

The learning disability team will work closely with the community teams to get you get better and return home.

Below is our information leaflet on Moore ward:

Moore Ward Information Leaflet [pdf] 1MB