Make a Difference Harm free care award

Guidance on completing the nomination form

Please ensure you complete all the required information for this nomination. All the information you supply will be useful to the judges to help them select the best winner for the annual Make a difference awards next year. They will be using the 5 P’s to help them judge the overall winners.
It is important to select the most appropriate category for your nomination, there are seven separate nomination forms, so please select the category you wish to use.

You will then need to completed three questions, please ensure you supply as much information as possible to ensure that the person you are nominating has a good chance to be selected for a Make a difference winner in the annual awards ceremony. You need to add examples of why you have nominated them.

This is the criteria the judges will look at when selecting the overall winners for each year will be consistent approach and delivery of the Trust values in relation to the category the person was nominated in. The judges will also expect to see examples of how the person has delivered against the chosen category.

  • People First – consistently puts people first. This could be staff, patients or partners
  • Prioritising quality – quality is at the centre of the nomination. Quality improvement is demonstrated.
  • Progressive, innovative and continually improving – nominee has looked at ways to improve service/ work, shared learning and developed new ideas.
  • Professional and honest – acts with integrity, demonstrates professional conduct
  • Promoting what is possible – has considered ways of ensuring people using service are supported to get the best from the service.
Make a Difference nomination form

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory