Mark Dale

I am standing for election as governor for this trust as I see governors being in a pivotal role between the membership and the trust the duties of course are laid out but as a governor we can be the voices of the public and patients truly enhancing services provided by being as such a critical friend.

I am already a governor for a Mental Health Trust but I have and also family members have used services provided by NELFT. I understand that currently the NHS is going through immense and extreme pressure not only to do its job as usual however we have seen the trust's resilience through the Covid-19 pandemic, a good board needs to have good governors to help scope and lead the trust through what has been and what may or may not happen in the near future.

I currently volunteer with The Third sector on health and social care and indeed am a patient myself, I want to represent my home town area of Basildon to be a voice for the constituency which I think I have the relevant experience to do just that. I am passionate about the NHS and I'm passionate about the workers who everyday keep the trust going also I am passionate to see NHS services that are fit for purpose for its patients the NHS is 72 years old but that only means we are more determined to make a 21st century NHS work and care for all.