Mark Egalton - Lead Governor

I am one of the Public Governors for Havering. I am 57 years of age and served in Her Majesties armed forces as a medic. This gives me an appreciation and empathy for the NHS staff.

I first got involved with the trust in 2014, when I stood for the role of Governor. The membership honoured me with their trust by electing me to represent them on the Council of Governors. My colleagues in the trust also honoured me by electing me Lead Governor.

On completion of my position as Lead Governor my fellow governors then elected me as Deputy Lead Governor. I presently hold this office.

My reasons for standing for the governorship are profound and sincere. In 2007, I had a massive heart attack and if it was not for the NHS, I would have died. I felt I needed to give something back.

In my private life, I am a sports injury therapist with my own private practice. This allows me time to attend meetings and preform important roles within the Governorship.