Medical students


NELFT provides clinical placements in Psychiatry to 4th year medical students from Queen Mary’s University London (QMUL) Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (BLSMD).

These five week placements consist of a combination of general adult and old age psychiatry in community and inpatient settings.

There are further opportunities for students to undertake taster sessions in additional psychiatric subspecialties and to shadow the junior doctor on call.

Each placement begins with a full day induction programme, covering expectations, mental health stigma, NELFT trust library facilities and information resources and training in the use of the electronic patient record.

NELFT provides a programme of clinical skills lab sessions and a mock objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) organised by the fellow in undergraduate medical education and facilitated by junior doctors.

Students are expected to demonstrate high standards of professionalism throughout their placement and are assessed for their knowledge, skills, attitudes, conduct and performance on a clinical assessment.

Clinical skills labs

Common psychiatric presentations, such as depression and psychosis, are covered. The sessions usually consist of small group teaching on the topic, followed by the practice of skills in scenarios with professional actors.

Balint groups

NELFT offers 4th year medical students from QMUL Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (BLSMD) the opportunity to participate in weekly Balint groups as part of the academic programme. Run by the fellow in medical education, the Balint groups offer students the opportunity to reflect on the emotional aspects of their psychiatry placements, in a safe environment. There is a particular focus on the student-patient relationship, and enhancement of communication skills. The use of Balint groups for these purposes is supported by research and the Royal College of Psychiatrists is aiming for all UK medical students to have the opportunity to attend Balint groups by 2017. The NELFT students have the option of using the Balint groups as the basis for their mandatory inter-professional education (IPE) reflective pieces for the medical school, supervised by the fellow in medical education.

Mock Objective Structured Clinical Examination - OCSE

The final academic afternoon for 4th year medical students from QMUL Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (BLSMD) in NELFT consists of a mock OSCE.
The OSCE is coordinated by the fellow in medical education, with NELFT trainee doctors acting and examining. It provides the medical students with an opportunity to test the knowledge and skills they have gained during their placement, while practising for their finals.

Medicine in society

NELFT provides medicine in society placements to 2nd year medical students from QMUL Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (BLSMD).

These placements take place over 11 weeks between October and April and provide the students with an insight into the organisation of health systems, with an emphasis on the patient experience, the care pathway, the respective role of each member of the multi-disciplinary team and the interfaces between different services.

Placements are provided across a range of mental health and community health services in north east London and south west Essex.

Students are assessed on their presentations of an area of their learning towards the end of the placement.

Community paediatrics

NELFT provides a number of placements in community paediatrics to 4th year medical students from UCL.

These students undertake a four-week paediatrics placement, during which three weeks are spent within an acute setting and the fourth is spent in NELFT community health services in south west Essex where they have the opportunity to experience multi-disciplinary neurodevelopmental assessments.

Student Selected Component (SSCs)

Medical students in the 5th year at QMUL Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (BLSMD) have the opportunity to undertake a four-week period of in-depth study within an area of special interest to them.

NELFT offers a number of SSC placements, which can be accessed through the medical school’s manual of available SSCs or by individual arrangement with a consultant supervisor.

Self-organised SSCs can be accommodated within mental health or community health settings at NELFT.