Meet the Team

Marc Kingsley, Strategic and Clinical Lead for CHPS

I am the Strategic and Clinical Lead for Clinical Health Psychological Service. I have trained as both a clinical psychologist in 1995 and adult psychotherapist in 2003, and worked extensively in both mental health and physical health settings.

It has been a great honour to help support the development of the NHS England funded innovative Dental and Oral-maxillofacial Trauma Psychology Service. My interest in the psychological needs of maxillofacial and oral trauma patients has been long-standing, and I commenced my special interest day in this clinical area in 2004.  I am particularly interested in the area of appearance-related distress and the impact of facial difference on the overall development of body-image and self-esteem.

In terms of my broader role as the Strategic and Clinical Lead for CHPS, I am deeply committed to the ongoing local and national development of Clinical Health Psychology, and in particular to the national aim to implement holistic health care, in which mental health is treated on a parity with physical health in all health settings. I am invested in providing the best practice and highest quality of psychological care for patients, carers and families living with physical health conditions. It is also very important for me to focus on the ongoing development of compassionate and supportive environments for NHS staff, in which staff mental health and well-being is at the fore of everyday practice.

In terms of therapeutic approaches, I would describe myself as an integrative practitioner, with a special interest in psychodynamic therapy, particularly the work of Melanie Klein , Donald Winnicott and Patrick Casement.


Vanessa Jones, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Service Lead, ADOT-Psychology

As Clinical Lead for ADOT Psychology, I provide direct clinical input to the Oral-maxillofacial Trauma service. I also provide psychological support to the Oral Medicine and Special Care Dentistry Teams.

I have a particular interest in supporting people who have complex and challenging life experiences in addition to their traumatic facial injuries or physical health conditions. These experiences can lead people to feel especially vulnerable at times of distress. However, with psychological support they can also help people to discover improved resilience and empowerment to face future challenges. I draw on psychological models such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Compassion-Focused Therapy to help people to process their trauma and find new ways of re-connecting with their world.

I also lead on staff support at the Dental Hospital. I use ideas from Systemic Therapy to support clinical teams to manage the emotional impact of their work. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues to create psychologically-informed environments where we think about every step of the patient’s journey from a joint psychological and clinical perspective.


Saras Saminathan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Service Lead ADOT-Psychology

I am a Consultant Clinical psychologist currently working with the Paediatric Dental and Oral-maxillofacial Trauma Psychology service, based at the Royal London Dental Hospital. I am also the Clinical Lead for this service. I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist as well as a Paediatric Neuropsychologists. Since qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist in 1987 and as a Neuropsychologist in 1990, I have experience in working across the whole age range in the area of Child and Adolescent mental health, Adult mental health and Paediatrics Clinical health services both in the community and acute hospital set up. I have worked in various areas of psychology and have a special interest in the area of Neurodevelopmental disorders, including ASD, Traumatic head injury, neuropsychological rehabilitation and research. I also have been an honorary lecturer for clinical psychology courses. These experiences have contributed towards the development of skills and knowledge necessary to support my Clinical Psychology journey.

Rajinder Sahota-Dhillon, Principal Counselling Psychologist, Service Lead, Relationship Therapy Service

I am an experienced Psychologist working with couples and psycho-sexual therapy for many years; I have acquired accreditation as a sexual and relationship psychotherapist. I am also an accredited specialist supervisor.

I have worked in Clinical Health for over 10years, as an accredited CBT practitioner, EMDR Therapist with enhancing skills in third wave models such as Mindfulness, ACT, Adjustment and CFT. I continue to work with complex and sensitive cases, increasing opportunity of psychology for individual and couples. Moreover, I have extensive experience working with complex health challenges, palliative care and end of life issues.   

I am an active workgroup member of London Cancer’s Level 2 training and supervision for CNS’s promoting, developing and introducing this area of work in various Clinical Health psychology settings. Furthermore, revising and monitoring this process since 2014. Since 2014 I have chaired and co-ordinated a specialist interest group (SIG) for specialists (psychotherapists and psychologists) working with sex and relationships in central London, the group meets regularly to explore and learn from complex cases, organises continuous professional development in this area (CPD) and considers training and research opportunities.


Kirsty-Lee Collins, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Orthognathic Psychology Service

I am a clinical psychologist working within the Orthognathic Psychology Service (OPS) at Whipps Cross and The Royal London Hospitals. I trained at the University of Essex and qualified in 2017. I have previously worked in a short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy service within Primary care, where I often provided support for clients adapting to long term physical health conditions, medically unexplained symptoms, chronic pain and interpersonal difficulties. I use an integrated approach of psychodynamic and systemic thinking, as well as implementing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) to support clients to overcome difficulties. I am interested in a person’s relationship to themselves and their body, their identity and experience of the world and others around them. I feel it is important for clients contemplating significant physical interventions to have a safe and non-judgemental space to think about the potential medical process, what is motivating their decisions and any possible life adjustments. I have experience of working with professionals from a range of backgrounds to offer the best possible care and am present in the orthognathic joint clinics to offer support when needed.


Paul Deller, Principal Clinical Psychologist for Oral-maxillofacial Trauma, ADOT-Psychology

I am a Principal Clinical Psychologist working in the Oral-maxillofacial Trauma service. I specialise in supporting patients and professionals within hospital and community physical health care services. My professional experiences in clinical health psychology include psych-oncology, cardiac rehabilitation, and a complex long-term health conditions service. I have specialist interests in theories and practices of psychotherapy that involve working at relational depth including attachment, psychodynamic, and existential therapies. I am also interested in the theory and treatment of psychological trauma. In terms of therapeutic approaches, I draw on a range of evidence-based models of psychological therapy when helping people work towards their goals, including Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR); Psychodynamic Psychotherapy; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); Mindfulness; and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).   


Prabuddh Dwivedi, Principal Clinical Psychologist for Oral Medicine, ADOT-P

I am a Clinical Psychologist providing specialist psychology input mainly into the Special Care Dentistry and Oral Medicine services of the Royal London Dental Hospital . I have a keen interest in working with individuals with complex long-term medical conditions, chronic pain, dental  anxiety/ phobias, pronounced gag reflex and other oral health conditions. My therapeutic approach derives mainly  from a cognitive-behavioural  orientation  and includes third-wave approaches such as Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focussed Therapy and Mindfulness. I also utilise Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) in my therapeutic  work. I have extensive experience working with neurological conditions and continue to draw on expertise in clinical neuropsychology in working with individuals/ families impacted on by brain injury or a neurodegenerative condition.


Jessica Roberts, Principal Clinical Psychologist, PDOT-Psychology

I am a Clinical Psychologist currently working in the new Paediatric Dental and Oral-maxillofacial Trauma Psychology service, based at the Royal London Dental Hospital. I trained at University College London and qualified in 2012. I have a long standing interest in Clinical Health Psychology, specifically working with children/ young people with long term and chronic conditions who are struggling with accepting aspects of their condition, have concerns about their appearance, or may have other mental health problems alongside their physical health conditions.  In terms of therapy approaches, I use cognitive and behavioural models including third wave therapies like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Compassion Focused Therapy. I also use ideas from Narrative Therapy to talk about problems in a way which is non-blaming and empowers change. I really enjoy working and collaborating with colleagues from different professional backgrounds so we feel part of a team.

Munir Ravalia, Clinical Lecturer Conscious Sedation, Special Care Dentistry

I am a Lecturer in Conscious Sedation, and currently work in the Department of Special Care and Sedation, and with Psychology service, based at the Royal London Dental Hospital. I also qualified here in 2002. I have a specialist interest in Medical Clinical Hypnotherapy, to assist our patients. Working with the Psychology team and being able to offer such a service is a real delight and is helping so many of our patients


Chloe Hiles, Assistant Psychologist, ADOT-Psychology

I am an Assistant Psychologist currently working within the new Adult Dental and Oral-maxillofacial Trauma Psychology service (DOT-P). Since graduating in 2018 from my Msc, I have been working in memory and learning disability services alongside volunteering as a ChildLine counsellor. The focus of my job is to support people who experience psychological distress.  I am particularly interested in the impact of psychological interventions on improving both mental health and physical health outcomes for people who have traumatic facial injuries or physical health conditions. I am continuously learning and hope I can use previous experiences to support people in reducing their psychological distress and improving their overall quality of life.


Maria Langridge, Assistant Psychologist, PDOT-Psychology

I am an Assistant Psychologist currently working with the Paediatric Dental and Oral-maxillofacial Trauma Psychology service, based at the Royal London Dental Hospital. I graduated from Brunel University in 2019 with a Psychology Bsc (Hons), since then I have been working towards achieving my Clinical Psychology Doctorate. I have worked in different areas of psychology, including ASD and ID research, paediatric Diabetes and Oncology services, and adult Psychotherapy services. These experiences have contributed towards the development of skills and knowledge necessary to support my Clinical Psychology journey.

I have had a passion for Clinical Psychology from a very young age due my own experiences of pain, and its psychological implications. I am particularly interested in how psychological health can be influenced by pain, and long-term conditions, in children and young people (CYP); I am further interested in how psychological interventions can be used to improve pain and psychological health outcomes in CYP.


Jamie Kapoor, Assistant Psychologist, OPS

Since graduating in 2017 for my BSc (Hons) I have been working towards doing my doctorate in clinical psychology as soon as I can. I have worked in many areas of psychology to gain experience to help me along my journey. I did lots of voluntary work with the NELFT service helping with research and attending different therapy sessions and helping out where I could.

I have been working in the dementia section of a care home for a while putting my psychological knowledge to good use in helping staff and families understand dementia a bit better.
I have had a huge passion for clinical psychology that only grows larger each day. I have a personal interest in the orthognathic side of psychology as I myself have gone through the treatment and personally understand the toll it can take on one’s psyche. I intend to put my full amount of passion and knowledge into attempting to help as many people suffering as possible. 

Serafeim Papakostas, Assistant Psychologist, Orthognathic Psychology Service

I am an Assistant Psychologist working within the Orthognathic Psychology Service (OPS) at Whipps Cross and The Royal London Hospitals. Since graduating from the MSc Mental Health: Psychological Therapies, I have gained clinical experience in the areas of clinical health, forensic psychology and dementia. In addition to that, I have experience working with homeless adults and children in street situations. Furthermore, I have worked for audits both in the NHS and the voluntary sector. Moreover, I am currently working in mental health and dementia research for the NHS in addition to being an assistant psychologist.

My interests include trauma/complex trauma, LGBTQI+ issues and psychedelic – assisted psychotherapy research. My goal is to pursue a professional doctorate in Clinical Psychology, become a qualified Clinical Psychologist and support service users to the best of my potential, whilst also conducting research to improve services.

Nirma Bheeroo, Assistant Psychologist, Orthognathic Psychology Service

I am an Assistant Psychologist currently working with the Orthognathic Psychology services (OPS), mainly with the ongoing Research projects. I graduated from Middlesex University with a Bsc in Psychology in 2018. I further worked towards acquiring clinical experience in different areas of Psychology, such as; Anger Management and Emotional Control (AMEC), Mood Anxiety and Personality Service (MAP), Psychosis Service and Maternal Mental Health Service within NELFT. I have also supported high risk victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence. These experiences enhanced my clinical skills and research skills, encouraging and motivating me to pursue my postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology (MSc).

My passion for Clinical Psychology developed since a young age while I was volunteering in orphanages for children and young women. I have developed a particular interest in the efficacy of CBT and Psycho-educational interventions for pregnant women experiencing depression and anxiety.


Joelyn Manoharan, DOT-Psychology Administrative Co-ordinator

My Name is Joelyn I am an Administrative Co-Ordinator for the Dental Psychology Service. I support the DOT-P clinicians in their work.

I have held various positions for 12 years, I stated as a Community Care navigator. Form there I have worked in reception, Virtual Ward Administrator, Neuro Service, Foot Health Clinic, Patient Appliances and then Enuresis Administrator where I really felt I excelled; this role was very demanding and required me to work to tight deadlines. I learned a lot in this role and this, I feel, is what has prepared me for my current role now as Psychology Administrator.

I have studied IT & Business Administration and now currently studying for a BSc Hons Business Computing.