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Apprenticeships at NELFT 

"NELFT has given me the opportunity to build on my knowledge and career, and has given me the support both on a personal and a professional life"

At NELFT, we recognise the importance of not only developing our existing staff but also recruiting and retaining new people to fulfil both the short term and long term requirements of the organisation

We want to help broaden the ways into training and employment within NELFT, support our staff to be the best they can be in the job they do and provide opportunities for career progression.

An apprenticeship is a work-based training programme focusing on the whole job, not just individual skills, and provides the employee with a set of vocational and functional skills along with a nationally recognised qualification.

Currently, we have apprentices undertaking work in clinic support, finance, HR, administration and estates and many more will soon be available.

"I cannot express enough how relieved I am that I took that leap of faith and went against everything I believed about apprenticeships and applied for an apprenticeship in NELFT

NELFT has endless amounts of opportunities for you to grow and learn in the trust, the learning is never ending"

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Case studies

Alice Cleaver

Alice Cleaver
Apprentice library assistant

Rhian Webb

Rhian Webb

Medical Education course co-ordinator

Read more about Rhian's journey from joining NELFT as an apprentice here

Ryan Chawner

Ryan Chawner

Senior Finance Administrator

Read more about Ryan's journey from joining NELFT as an apprentice here

Internal Development

To support the development of our employees, we want to assist our existing staff by helping them to:


To help advance our internal staff, apprenticeship courses are available as part of your continuous professional development. For more information, please email discussing this with your line manager.

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