An introduction to the NELFT Community Mental Health Transformation Programme

NELFT has a very ambitious Mental Health Transformation Programme. Our vision is to radically reform our whole model of community Mental Health Care over the next 3 years.  We see this as an exciting opportunity to reimagine how we deliver care across all age groups and levels of need and we are very much following the NHS England guidance to shift towards a model where…

“People with mental health problems will be enabled to manage their condition or move towards individualised recovery on their own terms, surrounded by their families, carers and social networks, and supported in their local community”.

What this means for NELFT?

To this end, we are developing integrated and place-based local Neighbourhood Teams that will be based around Primary Care Networks. We want to improve continuity of care so that clinicians can develop relationships with service users, their families, friends and networks that are more enduring and have depth. A more relational model will therefore enable a more person-centred and trauma informed approach and, to underpin this, we aim to train all our staff in Open Dialogue and systemic ways of working. The change we aim to bring about is thus both structural and cultural.

We aim collaborate with 3rd sector partners to bring a substantial cohort of lived experience workers into our teams and we will be adding new roles in psychology and family interventions into each of our teams each year.

Our aim is not just to redesign care pathways but to develop a new ethos that helps transform how we work together with partners across primary care and the third sector as ‘one team’ sharing care. This will be particularly important in key interfaces with Learning Disability and substance misuse services as well. With a more systemic approach to adult mental health care, we also aim to make transitions from CAMHS services more seamless and holistic.

How our Neighbourhood Teams will work?

Our core Neighbourhood Teams will start to work across the age range as we develop more specialised, needs-based older adult teams, and increased investment will also go into other specialist services such as Eating Disorders and our complex emotional needs service, IMPART.

The programme will run over 3 years and we are committed to a regular and ongoing process of evaluation and co-production as we evolve and adapt to the changes year on year.

Our ambition is to become one of the most progressive and person-centred mental health services in the country and we are looking to recruit a range of new staff who share this vision and would like to join us on this journey.

Come and join our short informational session on Wednesday 9th June, to learn more about this innovative model of mental health care and find out what opportunities are available for you.

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