Chairman's Blog - March 2019 | NELFT Talks

Chairman's Blog - March 2019 | NELFT Talks

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Chairman's Blog - March 2019

Following my last blog post discussing our NELFT staff networks and the support we have put in place for our staff, I thought it only fitting to write about our staff reward and recognition scheme and our end of year staff celebration.

Throughout the year we run a Make a Difference scheme enabling patients, carers, partners and our staff to recognise those who have gone the extra mile. Over the past year, we have received over 500 nominations which is phenomenal and a demonstration of the hard work and commitment of those who work at NELFT. At the end of each year I have the privilege, along with my colleagues on the Board and our Council of Governors, to choose an overall winner in each category. This is no easy task I can assure you. It provides another opportunity for me to hear more about the work of our frontline staff and it is inspiring to find out how our staff are going above and beyond to support patients and colleagues. There is always such a broad mix of examples from teams who are truly working in partnership with other providers to staff who are coming up with innovative solutions to improve the quality of the care we deliver. You can read more about the annual awards event here. Nominations are also open for next year. To nominate a team or member of staff who have helped to make a difference to your family, click here

Each year we tie the annual awards ceremony in with an end of year celebration for staff. For the first time this year we hosted NELFT’s Got Talent. This was an idea that came up a few times via our You Said We Did channel so we really wanted to make it happen. What can I say? I already knew our workforce was brimming with skills and talent in relation to health service delivery, I now know we have some incredibly talented people with an array of skills outside of their day jobs. With 150 people in the room, NELFT HQ was buzzing and so were our social media channels. It was heartening not only to see the courage displayed by staff in putting themselves forward to perform, but also the support from colleagues in the room who were watching. We were treated to an evening of singing, dancing, and even an aerial hoop routine and It was good to be able to recognise staff for their incredible talents. 

NELFT Got Talent

The buzz and positivity has continued since the event with staff who couldn’t attend saying they hope we do this again and others already thinking about putting forward an act for next year. It really has felt like one way to boost staff morale and bring people together. This is so important when we are working in such a challenging and complex environment. If we have staff who feel valued, engaged and happy it will deliver better outcomes for our patients. I hope that the positive energy and fun in the room can be spread across the places we work and we can look at opportunities to celebrate not only our staff’s talents but also those of our patients. My one biggest take away from the night was a warm reminder that we are all human, we are all unique and we should not be defined by our job titles. I am proud to work in such a diverse organisation.


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