NELFTtalks... Innovation and improvement are part of the day job | NELFT Talks

NELFTtalks... Innovation and improvement are part of the day job | NELFT Talks

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Read the latest NELFTtalks blogs from our stakeholders where they will be sharing their views on recent developments at NELFT and sharing advice on a range of topics.

NELFTtalks... Innovation and improvement are part of the day job

I am delighted to be writing my first #NELFTtalks blog post, particularly as it feels like there is an amazing sense of new energy in the organisation right now. It is a great time to be launching a new way to engage with people who are interested in NELFT.

Lots of our staff and services are being recognised via external awards and they seem to keep rolling in. I never underestimate how much it means to our staff to receive this type of recognition. The presence of the CQC (as part of our recent re-inspection) always drives up the sense of pride in the innovation and development happening within our services. It seems to bring all of the positive work to the fore in people’s minds and I am conscious of a tangible change and step up in the tempo. There have been a lot of opportunities to reflect on where we are getting things right and delivering the best possible care. This also brings with it the chance to look at the areas we can continue to improve.

Our Quality Improvement programme is generating a lot of energy and we have just put in place another cohort of training for staff. This programme has now involved in excess of 3,000 of our staff in one way or another, whether that is through training, developing improvement ideas or delivering a quality improvement project. That is a brilliant statistic and it will only get better as we focus on developing a culture of continuous learning.

I often think it is an absolute privilege to have my job and I am endlessly proud of what our people do. It was truly heartening last week at the HSJ awards to hear Lenny Henry saying it was a pleasure to be presenting awards to people who do something worthwhile for a change. That says so much and rings so true. How could we not be moved by our thousands of staff who work tirelessly to provide care for our loved ones? We are perhaps in the darkest times for a generation financially and yet it is our staff who continue to drive up performance, to innovate, to make a difference to the people we serve and to win numerous awards for doing so.

Words perhaps do not do justice to what committed professional people in the NHS are capable of, but I would like to end by saying I am proud to work for NELFT, delivering the best care by the best people.


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