Sylvia Ridge talks about working as an apprentice at NELFT | NELFT Talks

Sylvia Ridge talks about working as an apprentice at NELFT | NELFT Talks

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Sylvia Ridge talks about working as an apprentice at NELFT

Hello, my name is Sylvia and I’m an Apprentice Nursing Associate.  

Why did you decide to take up an apprenticeship?

I took up the apprenticeship as I enjoy learning new skills and progressing professionally. The apprenticeship was a way to do so whilst still earning.

What was the attraction of joining NELFT?

Prior to joining NELFT I worked as a Nursery Nurse in private nurseries and schools, I joined NELFT as a Community Nursery Nurse as I wanted to provide support to parents/carers of young children with child development related issues that I commonly saw as a Nursery Nurse in nursery/school settings. Once employed I became involved in lots of health promotions for parents and carers of under 5 year olds including introducing solid foods, dental care and developmental milestones. Whilst in this role my colleagues always mentioned that I had qualities that attributed to the nursing role and encouraged me to apply.

What was your role(s) during your apprenticeship with NELFT?

I began the apprenticeship with NELFT in October 2018. It’s a 2 year apprenticeship which involves attending university one day per week, and working 30 hours per week in different placement areas. Amongst my placements I have experienced working with District Nurses, Mental Health Inpatients and Acute Hospital settings. I have booked several training sessions provided by NELFT to compliment my learning and development, allowing me to meet the requirements of the apprenticeship. On my placements I have been able to utilise skills learnt at university and put theory into practice.

What skills has the apprenticeship enabled you to develop?

The apprenticeship has opened so many doors for me. I have become more aware of the reasons why we do our job, I’ve learnt evidence based practice and now when I do my job I understand why I do so, rather than just doing it. I am able to apply my theory knowledge.  

What are your plans for the future once you have completed your apprenticeship?

Once I complete the apprenticeship I would like to work as a Nursing Associate to consolidate my learning on the course. Following this I hope to complete the top-up course to become a fully registered Nurse.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship in NELFT/NHS?

If you are considering an apprenticeship the key advice I would give is time management. It can be hard juggling work, study and family life. Plan your time well to incorporate all three. And finally… enjoy your learning!



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