Work experience with NELFT Communications by Harry Fox | NELFT Talks

Work experience with NELFT Communications by Harry Fox | NELFT Talks

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Work experience with NELFT Communications by Harry Fox

Hi, My name is Harrison (Harry) Fox and I am 20 years old. I was born and raised in Upminster and, 2 years ago, I decided to make the move to America where I am currently studying communications on a full ride swimming scholarship in Niagara Falls, New York.

Why did you decide to take up a work experience with NELFT?  Did your degree influence your decision to seek work experience within a communications team?

Originally I was studying economics for my degree, but being in the states exposed me to Communications and, out of pure interest, I decided to switch. Studying communications in America definitely played a big part in me seeking work experience with a communications team, for the fact that it’s a field I can see myself heading into after I’ve graduated.

One reason is that my college has particular work experience requirements which work alongside our degrees so this helped to support my degree. The other reason was that I wanted some hands-on experience of working within a communications department and I wanted to observe how a typical comms team runs, the types of roles and responsibilities each person carried etc .My mother also works within NELFT, in the training and development team, so it seemed like a natural fit to apply for work experience with the comms team at NELFT.

Harry Fox

What areas have you been involved in working with the team? What skills has the apprenticeship enabled you to develop?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple members of the team, each one showing me the type of roles and projects they have which has enabled me to form a deeper understanding of the skills and processes across communications. I feel like I have now gained a greater understanding into the world of corporate social media marketing, as well as blog writing skills, filming and design.

What have been some of the highlights over the past 2 weeks?

One of the main highlights for me was hearing the stories of some of the service users whilst filming a focus group to help NELFT practitioners gain a better understanding of how the service users would like to see the service operate. Another would be getting the opportunity to help manage the NELFT corporate account and draft some content for their Social Media Week, as social media marketing is definitely an area I can see myself working in.

Harry Fox, communications intern, NELFT

What are your plans for the future? Would you like to consider a career within communications after your degree?

Securing a role in a communications team after my degree is a major possibility, as it’s a career I can see myself being happy in. After I made the decision to study communications, one potential career path I had in mind was working within the social media team at a sports club (ideally West Ham!!) I have also put some thought into other career opportunities that having a communications degree could open up for me, such as advertising and PR.

What advice would you give to students considering similar work experience opportunities?

I would advise any student who is considering pursuing a career in communications to seek out work experience within a comms team. Not only will this experience look good to future employers but it will also give you an opportunity for you to see first-hand how a comms team operates. This will either give you confidence in applying for jobs in the future, or help provide a better idea of your career goals.


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