Brookside Receives Accreditation From RCPsych | News and events

Brookside Receives Accreditation From RCPsych | News and events

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Brookside Receives Accreditation From RCPsych

Following a comprehensive review of mental health services for young people by the Quality Network for Inpatient CAMHS (QNIC), the Royal College of Psychiatrists has awarded Brookside the QNIC accreditation.

The review includes self-review and peer review as well as a visit from the QNIC. It covers all aspects of care and treatment within the service including admission and discharge. It also looks at staffing, training and the environment in which services are provided. As well as identifying areas of good practice the review will offer suggestions on things that can be improved further to better meet the needs of young people.

This was the first attempt for accreditation following the reopening of Brookside and the report was presented to the Accreditation Committee and QNIC are delighted to present Brookside with accredited status. This reflects the hard work and commitment of the team at Brookside in ensuring the best possible standards of care for the young people we support.

The report stated:

“It was clear that the team at the Brookside unit are warm, compassionate and committed to providing a service that is centred around least restrictive practice and the needs of young people. Brookside has a warm and friendly environment, created by both the physical environment and most importantly, the staff that work at Brookside Unit. We would like to thank the team at Brookside for their hospitality and preparing for the day so well. It was great to speak to young people, parents, carers and Frontline Staff on the day as this provided us with further insight into the service and culture of the unit.”

Jacqui Van Rossum, NELFT’s Executive Director of Integrated Care for London said,

“I am so pleased for the team at Brookside on receiving the QNIC accreditation. It demonstrates the commitment of the staff in seeking to make continuous improvements to the service we provide. More importantly it gives young people and their families the assurance that we offer a supportive, high quality, recovery focused service with young people at the heart of all we do. I am very proud of all the staff working at Brookside.”