CAMHS engagement events in BHR deemed a success | News and events

CAMHS engagement events in BHR deemed a success | News and events

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CAMHS engagement events in BHR deemed a success

Last week (6 June, 7 June and 8 June) our CAMHS services in Barking & Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering held stakeholder engagement events to announce its new approach to delivering its service.

At the events, delegates from education, local authority, third sector and GPs, gained information about:

  • i-Thrive
  • The wellbeing hub
  • How to make a good referral
  • Information about INTERACT and the Home Treatment Team
  • And a preview of the soon to be released London CAMHS website.

Delegate feedback
To measure feedback, pre and post evaluation surveys were distributed to delegate before and after the event to ascertain if the events help to improve understanding. Questions were graded on a 10-point scale system (1 being lowest and 10 the highest), and they were as follows:

  • How confident would you be to making a referral to a CAMHS?
  • How knowledgeable are you about i-THRIVE?
  • How confident would you be around accessing resources around mental health?
  • How knowledgeable are you on with your current CAMHS service?

B&D evaluation imageHavering evaluation results imageRedbridge evaluation result image

Positive response
The response from delegates was positive as the scoring in the post-evaluation was significantly higher in comparison to the pre-evaluation. Some of feedback received from delegates included as follows:

“I thought the CAMHS re-launch yesterday was very helpful, and I'm sure this new approach will be beneficial for professionals, young people and their families moving forward.”

“I thought that the CAMHS re-launch was very helpful as I now have a better over view. It was really good to learn about the well-being hub and the work being undertaken. Attending gave me a better perspective as to who CAMHS links in with. It was good to know that CAMHS also run groups for parents. The CAMHS process is quite different of that in the adult MH service.”

Commenting on the event, Melody Williams, ICD for Barking & Dagenham and lead of the London CAMHS project group said:

“This was a great opportunity for our BHR CAMHS to engage with our partners and stakeholders to update them on our progress to date and what they can expect in the future. The response has been very positive and we look forward to continue to work with our stakeholders to ensure they are supported and needs are met.”

“I’d like to thank to the BHR service leads, their teams, i-Thrive, ARD and the comms team for the work they put in to delivering the events.”