Message in a Bottle can help save lives! | News and events

Message in a Bottle can help save lives! | News and events

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Message in a Bottle can help save lives!

NELFT and its charity are proud to be supporting the Message in a Bottle initiative. Let the emergency services know your medical history. Paramedics, police, fire-fighters and social services know to look in the fridge when they see a Message in a Bottle sticker.

Vital information including personal details, doctors name, medical conditions, allergies, carers/visitors/family member’s details can be recorded on a form which is then put inside the bottle. Repeat prescriptions can also be stored there, saving the emergency services crucial time when attending a home.

We are urging those who know or care for a vulnerable person, particularly anyone who is unwell or elderly to collect a Message in a Bottle for them. These bottles are free of charge and anyone can have one.

How to use Message in a Bottle:

- Complete form with relevant information
- Place the bottle in the fridge
- Place one green sticker on the inside of your front door
- Place the other on the outside of the fridge

Click here for an additional form for your bottle:

Bottles are available free of charge from your local Lions Club and GP surgeries.

To find out more information about the scheme, please visit the Lions Club website. If you would like the opportunity to get involved with this scheme and many others that help those in need, please contact your local Lions Club either by email or telephone 0121 441 4544. For details of your nearest Lion's Club, click here Find a Club.