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MolecuLite:iX - Waltham Forest Podiatry Services | News and events

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MolecuLite:iX - Waltham Forest Podiatry Services

WF Podiatry Manager, Karen Wise and Clinical Pathway Lead, Nadine Price have been instrumental in implanting a new piece of innovative technology, MolecuLite:iX, into Waltham Forest Podiatry Services.

The MolecuLight:iX is a hand held fluorescence imaging device that provides instant visual detection and documentation of potentially harmful bacteria in wounds that would otherwise be invisible. It shows infection, accurately measures wounds and their progression, guides dressing choices (impacting cost), guides tissue sampling for microbiology and antibiotic stewardship. Patients can see the benefit of the device and this also aides discussion of when antibiotics are required and conversely, when they are not.

After persuading the Waltham Forest leadership team to fund the purchase of the equipment, they set to collating data around the effectiveness and impact of its use. It’s early days but so far the findings are extremely positive. On the back of this work, Waltham Forest are in the process of buying another device for the tissue viability nurses and hope that in time all wound clinics could also benefit from this innovative technology.

Nadine and Karen, along with Dr Kalpita Majumdar, Consultant Endocrinologist from Barts Health NHS Trust (pictured), were invited to attend the 19th Diabetic Foot Global Conference in Hollywood, Los Angeles to present the excellent work they have been doing within the acute podiatry team, which was very well received. They came away with lots of new ideas and projects in mind to help take the Waltham Forest high risk foot service forward in the coming year.

Nadine also presented another valuable piece of work at the annual Podiatry Conference, Harrogate in November which generated a lot of interesting discussion among colleagues.

Karen and Nadine will continue to present their research across the Trust and sharing their findings externally as the opportunity arises.