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NELFT has been asked to lead and manage NHS Nightingale Hospital London on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement London region. This is part of NHS London’s response to the pandemic, helping patients move on from London’s acute hospitals, freeing up beds for COVID-19 and non-COVID patients who need treatments that only acute hospitals can provide. 

Information for patients and families

NHS Nightingale Hospital London will provide care patients who no longer need treatment in an acute hospital, but who still require an assessment or support before they can leave hospital. This is a community rehabilitation step-down model, different to the model of care provided at the hospital during the first phase of the pandemic.

The Nightingale team includes nursing staff, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists (SALT),occupational therapists (OT), social workers (SW) and GPs who provide the highest possible standard of care. Care and support is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Nightingale team will work with patients and families to make arrangements to ensure the right support is in place so patients can go home, or return to their usual place of residence. Click here to download the patient information leaflet. Information for family members is available here.  

Facilities for patients

  • The hospital has an assessment suite including a home-style bed area and an area for therapy assessments.
  • There is a multi-faith area, and quiet spaces for privacy.
  • There will be twice daily multi-disciplinary ward rounds where patients will be fully involved, informed and encouraged to join in with any discussions regarding care and treatment.
  • Hospital iPads with a selection of music, entertainment, news channels will be available for patients to use.

In order to keep our patients and the staff who will be caring for them safe and to minimise the risk of spreading infection, visitors to the hospital are not allowed except in exceptional circumstances agreed on an individual basis. Patients will have access to iPads and support from staff to enable virtual visits with their loved ones. There is a Family Support Liaison Team in place to work with patients and families. 

Information for health and care professionals 

Only patients who have tested NEGATIVE for Covid-19 can be transferred to the Nightingale.

We accept patient referrals and admissions 7 days a week.

The form to refer patients to the Nightingale Hospital London is here, along with the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and details to refer available here. Referrals will be coordinated through ICSs. Once patients have been confirmed to have met the admission criteria NHL, please email the completed referral form to 

All incoming referrals will be clinically triaged between the hours of 9am-5pm. If necessary, the referring clinician will be contacted to provide additional information, resolve questions or confirm that the patient’s condition has not changed. 

The referring Trust is responsible for arranging transport for the patient to the Nightingale Hospital London and informing the Nightingale Hospital London Control Room of the patient's ETA.

You can download a poster for your wards here to share details of NHS Nightingale Hospital London. 

If you are interested in working with us here at NHS Nightingale Hospital London, please contact us at:



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Watch the video below to take a virtual tour of NHS Nightingale Hospital London.