Our projects

We have several exciting projects on the go that complement our work in schools.

Autism and Sleep

Sleep We have worked closely with a researcher at University College London and a talented group of autistic young people to create a leaflet and animation about what helps autistic teenagers to get a good night’s sleep. Most sleep advice is for the general population, so it is helpful to share information which specifically focuses on autistic young people. This project is particularly special because it is brought to life by a song and music video created by some members of the group.

You can read the original research paper here: Sleep Project research paper 
You can view and download the leaflet here: Sleep Project leaflet

The co-produced animation about what helps autistic young people to get a good night’s sleep can be viewed below.

Full version

Short version

Co-Cat Study

Go cat We are a pilot site for research led by Cathy Creswell, trialling a new remote, parent-led intervention for children aged 5-12 experiencing anxiety. It is called Online Support and Intervention (OSI) and we are part of this national study run by the University of Oxford. Parents access content online and receive weekly telephone support from a therapist.

The Eating Disorder Prevention Program

We are currently piloting a new eating disorder prevention programme created in collaboration with Creative Education. This evidence-based programme is for young people, all school staff and parents / carers. We are looking forward to sharing outcomes in due course.

Measuring the impact of whole school approaches to emotional wellbeing and mental health.

We are currently supporting with research at both Kings College London and University of Sussex to develop evidence-based, coproduced outcome measures for whole school approaches to emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Transition to secondary school workbook - Drawing competition

As part of our co-production work and following feedback from young people around last year’s transition to secondary school workbook, we asked Year 6 students to submit their drawings related to school to us, and these have subsequently been included within our new and updated transition to secondary school workbook.

We have then gone on to create a video to highlight all the amazing entries we had and to announce the competition winners. Watch the video below!