Pre-medical school work experience

As a major local NHS employer, service provider and health education provider, NELFT recognises its responsibilities in training tomorrow’s doctors. This is a process that begins before medical school while students are still undertaking their secondary school education. Work experience placements form an essential component of the portfolio for sixth form students planning to apply for a place at medical school.

We run an annual summer school dedicated to students that wish to pursue a career in medicine. This is a 5 day programme that consists of 3 days observing a doctor and 2 days in the classroom. The programme provides an opportunity for students to:

  • observe the structures and processes of the National Health Service
  • gain an insight into the work of doctors and the multidisciplinary teams in which they operate
  • observe some of the demands, challenges and rewards of a medical career
  • receive feedback on some of their own interpersonal competencies
  • consider their suitability for such a career

The next workshop will start on 9 July 2018

To speak to us about our summer school, or our work experience opportunities, please contact