Long term condition? Managing Health Programme is here to help

What is the Managing Health Programme?

The Managing Health Programme supports individuals, through tools and tips, to help them better self-manage their long-term conditions. There are several programmes available, as well as group programmes and telephone support services, so you will have a choice about what feels right for you.

People with various long-term conditions (heart disease, asthma, arthritis, pain, depression, anxiety, MS, ME, COPD, cancer, etc), have similar concerns and problems when managing their condition.

The programme looks at how to improve health, self-management, and how to get the best from consultations with health professionals.

What to expect from the programme?

  • The programmes are run by trained instructors and volunteers, some of whom have long-term conditions and have been through the process.
  • Once you have had a free telephone assessment, you can access appropriate information and services suitable for your condition.
  • We provide a three-week telephone support service to help you cope with your condition.
  • There is also a six-week class-based course where people can share their experiences and learn new ways to self-manage their condition. These free sessions are a chance to meet people and develop new skills and take place 2.5 hours per week.

What sort of things will I find out?

From the first interview, you will be provided with the information most suitable for you to enable and empower you. The three-week telephone sessions are designed to help you think about ways you can better cope with your condition. The six-week group course looks at:

  • Goal setting and mindfulness
  • Managing symptoms
  • Healthy food choices
  • Managing emotions
  • Physical activity
  • Communicating with health professionals

Where and when are classes held?

All courses are delivered in accessible community venues across mid-Essex.

How do I find out more?

Talk to our team to find out more information on how self-management courses can help you.

The team can be contacted on 0300 303 9988 or email on provide.essexlifestyles@nhs.net