The library’s impact on public health

This page showcases stories from staff in NELFT and local public health teams about how the library’s work has helped them. These stories, or case studies as we call them, are particularly focussed on impact – how the library’s work has made a difference to critical things such as quality of patient care, saving money and time, helping staff make better decisions. Aubrey Keep Library and other healthcare libraries are collecting these case studies as part of the Knowledge for Healthcare strategy. Good case studies are accepted into a national database of impact case studies so that learning can be shared nationally. To date, Aubrey Keep Library has had seven case studies accepted into the national database.

Read this interview with Lisa Burscheidt, our clinical librarian, to learn more about this.

The library team thanks all who contributed these case studies. If you would like to tell us the story of how the library's work has impacted you, please contact us

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