Library services

Keeping you up to date

  • Personalised alerts: We use KnowledgeShare to send personalised alerts to help you keep on top of recent developments and news in your specialist area of practice. To sign up, contact us or sign into KnowledgeShare with your OpenAthens details.
  • Electronic tables of contents: Would you like to get an email every time an issue of your favourite journal is published? Email us so we can get this set up for you.
  • Public Health Bulletin: We put together a bulletin of high-level news and research items that goes out to all our teams once a week, usually on a Tuesday. It’s distributed via local admins. Please contact your admin if you don’t receive it.

Document supply

  • Document supply:  We can order copies of books and articles from other libraries and send them to you. Just email us the reference(s).
  • Postal loans: We can post books out to your site.


We can provide training at your site as part of a Clinical Librarian visit or via webex to help you get the most out of the library service. Please email us to discuss your requirements.

Evidence searches

Our expert searchers follow a structured approach to ensure we provide you with the best evidence for your public health project. Fill out our form to request a search.

Clinical Librarian site support

You can book a clinical librarian for site visits as detailed in your SLA. The clinical librarian will travel to your site and be available there. We can provide expertise, ad-hoc or pre-planned training sessions for groups and individuals, evidence searches, expert input to discussions about ongoing or upcoming projects, … The possibilities are endless! Get in touch to book your site visit now and see what we can do for you.