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Speach and Language Therapy


To improve the efficiency of the voice banking process with people with Motor Neuron Disease

Project Lead:

Donna Merrick, Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Adult Speech and Language Therapy Team


MND is a neurological disease which can lead to loss of speech. We can support people to bank their existing voice which can then be used in a communication aid. But as MND is rapidly progressive, we need to do this quickly and efficiently. We currently loan equipment from an external charity which is time consuming.


To reduce the time it takes for patients with Motor Neuron Disease (MND) to complete the voice banking process by 25% by March 2023.

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BMJ Quality Improvement report

Improving access to Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP): the 2-week wait for cancer comes to psychosis (co-written by Dr Peter Carter, Early Intervention in Psychosis service, NELFT)

Read the full report here


Valued care in mental health: Improving for excellence

A national model to support continuous improvement of services, drawing on the experience and skill in the mental health sector. Read the full report here. You can also read our case study on page 83.

Clinical Audit Reports

Clinical Audit forms, documents and report templates

Once you have decided on your topic you should register your audit project using the latest version of the Clinical audit proposal form with the Trust Audit Facilitators. This will need to be agreed with the Audit Supervisor prior to sending the form to the team. Please see the guidance for help in completing your proposal.

Further information and relevant documents can be found below:

  1. Clinical Audit Report Writing Guidance

  2. BASELINE Clinical Audit Report Template.(not national audit)

  3. RE-AUDIT Clinical Audit Report Template (not national audits)

  4. National Audits-Local Summary Report Template

  5. Clinical Audit Re-Audit Dashboard Report Template

  6. NCISH Summary-Action PlanTemplate

  7. Audit Completion Date Extension Proforma

  8. Request to design a RAC audit tool

  9. Audit Deregistraton Proforma

  10. Clinical Audit Power Point presentation template

  11.  Clinical Audit Poster Template

Approved NELFT Annual Clinical Audit Programmes 2016-2020

  1.  2019-2020

  2.  2018-2019

  3.  2017-2018

  4.  2016-2017

Clinical Audit Shared Learning

Learning from Clinical Audit

  1. 2016/17 (PDF's)

Completed Clinical Audit Summaries

  1. 2017/18 (PDF's)

  2. 2016/17 (PDF's)

Completed Clinical Audits - Posters

  1. 2016/17 (PDF's)

  2. 2015/16 (PDF's)

NELFT participation in National Audits

The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness (NCISH)


  1. NCISH 2017-report

  2. NCISH CYP_2017_report


  1. National audit report published Oct 2016


Early Intervention in Psychosis

  1. EIP Audit Report 2016


National Audit of Schizophrenia (NAS)


Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health - UK (POMH-UK)

  1. NELFT POMH-UK Lead: Dr Elizabeth Francis (email:


 POMH-UK Final Reports (2016/17)

  1. POMH-UK Topic 16a report

  2. POMH-UK Topic 7e report

  3. POMH-UK QIP Topic15a report

  4. POMH-UK Topic 1g and 3d report