About the Quality Improvement Services

Our Vision

Helping NELFT staff in improving outcomes and experience through embedding a culture of continuous improvement that prioritises quality across all NELFT teams by 2026.

About Us

The Quality Improvement Services strive to provide assurance and improve quality within NELFT, using clinical audit and quality improvement. We do this through enabling the NELFT workforce to learn from yesterday, to improve today, for better outcomes tomorrow.

As a service, we provide quality improvement training to both NELFT colleagues, and external NHS colleagues and patient representatives. We promote the ethos and advantages of clinical audit and quality improvement internally and externally. We offer guidance with all things clinical audit and quality improvement and we actively support and work alongside staff to develop their improvement ideas using quality improvement methodology and associated supportive tools.

We do this by helping teams answer the following questions:

  1. How do I (we) know that I am (we are) doing a good job?
  2. Do we know how good we (our service/team/ward/unit) are?
  3. Do we know where we stand relative to the best?
  4. Over time, where are the gaps in our practice that indicate a need for change (i.e. improvement / innovation / transformation / research / evaluation)?
  5. In our efforts to improve, what’s working?
  6. Do we know/understand where variation exists in our team/organisation?
  7. Why are we measuring all this and what difference is this actually making to the quality of services and our users of service?

You can help us by:

  1. Sharing your feedback and ideas
  2. Learning
  3. Celebrating Success
  4. Improving