About the Quality Improvement Services

The Quality Improvement Services strive to provide assurance and improve quality within NELFT, using clinical audit and quality improvement. We do this through enabling the NELFT workforce to know how to improve outcomes for users of our services, saff and teams that provide care, as well as the population we serve.

As a service, we provide quality improvement training to both NELFT colleagues, and external NHS colleagues and patient representatives. We promote the ethos and advantages of clinical audit and quality improvement internally and externally. We offer guidance with all things clinical audit and quality improvement and we actively support and work alongside staff to develop their improvement ideas using quality improvement methodology and associated supportive tools.

We strongly believe that quality improvement and clinical audit is the way forward in making sustainable changes and improvements within our Trust and for the NHS.

We welcome all those who wish to learn more about the benefits and uses of clinical audit and quality improvement. Above all, we believe that clinical audit and quality improvement allow teams to take ownership of their improvement issues, and as well as equipping them to lead and design these areas of improvement with support from the Quality Improvement Services.

Our Vision

  1. For improvement to be an integral part of everyone’s role ‘from board to ward’.

  2. For improvement to be led from all levels of the organisational priorities.

  3. To create a workforce of autonomous improvers.