• Introduction to Clinical Audit e-learning module

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  • Why do we always do it like that?

    There must be a better way!

  • Giving you the confidence and skill to plan and undertake a clinical audit project.

  • Supporting you through funding and Quality Improvement guidance and expertise.

  • Introduction to Quality Improvement (e-learning module)

Clinical Audit and NICE Guidance


This is a practical and enjoyable course designed to give you the confidence and skill to undertake a clinical audit project. You may have an existing clinical audit project or planning to undertake one, either way, the interactive session will give you an opportunity to learn virtually with the flexibility you need. The Clinical Audit Training comprises of the following two sessions, held on the same day:                              

  • An Introduction to Clinical Audit
  • Advanced Clinical Audit: Action Planning

Also note that by prior arrangement, the Clinical Audit Mobile Unit (CAMU) can deliver training at a venue of your choosing - requires a minimum of five (5) attendees.