• Introduction to Clinical Audit e-learning module

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  • Why do we always do it like that?

    There must be a better way!

  • Giving you the confidence and skill to plan and undertake a clinical audit project.

  • Supporting you through funding and Quality Improvement guidance and expertise.

  • Introduction to Quality Improvement (e-learning module)

Quality Improvement Foundation Day Training


Find out how you can make a positive difference in healthcare on this one-day Foundation Course. Address those niggles that can slow you down and get in the way of delivering the best care for your patients/clients. Quality Improvement is a systematic approach that uses a specific methodology to ensure that projects undertaken are: safe, effective, person-centred, timely, efficient, equitable. You will learn about the theory of quality improvement:

  • Planning projects;
  •  Engaging and motivating others
  • Measurement
  • PDSA cycles and sustaining your improvements
  • How to apply these to a project within your work area.

The teaching days will be interactive and will include both presentations from our faculty as well as group activities and discussion.

Who is this training for?

The NELFT Quality Improvement Foundation course is open to NELFT staff and external NHS colleagues.