• Introduction to Clinical Audit e-learning module

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  • Why do we always do it like that?

    There must be a better way!

  • Giving you the confidence and skill to plan and undertake a clinical audit project.

  • Supporting you through funding and Quality Improvement guidance and expertise.

  • Introduction to Quality Improvement (e-learning module)

PCN BHR & WF Collaborative

  • Type Quality Improvement Training
  • Start 13 Oct 2022 09:30
  • End 13 Oct 2022 16:30
  • Email qi@nelft.nhs.uk
  • Phone qi@nelft.nhs.uk


Our Quality Improvement Vision
• For improvement to be an integral part of everyone’s role ‘from board to ward’
• For improvement to be led from all levels of the organisation, addressing organisational priorities
• To create a workforce of autonomous improvers

Programme Overview
• The course is delivered over 6 days (5 teaching days and a graduation day) over a 9 month period. Graduation will be at 12 months (April 2023)
• Participants are expected to attend all days
• During the course, facilitators will be working on their projects, which they will present on the graduation day
• Access to support and materials will be available to complete the project
• A QI Mentor has been allocated to you and opportunities provided for a 1:1 session (x 6)

Aims of the Programme
• To provide knowledge of Quality Improvement methodology and how to apply it
• To support learning via the delivery of a QI project
• To develop awareness of the importance of engagement with stakeholders and the skill to successfully engage and influence
• To develop the confidence to lead on Quality Improvement projects
• To develop a strong team of Quality Improvement Facilitators
• To embed the Quality Improvement culture throughout your PCN