There is a diverse range of high-quality clinical research here at NELFT, much of which is on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio. All NHS trusts that hold NIHR contracts are required to provide information on performance in initiating and delivering research. This includes a 70 day benchmark for the first participant to be recruited following submission of the complete application to the R&D department, as well as meeting a monthly recruitment target.

Performance in Initiating and Delivering Research

PID Report Q3 2019-20.xls [xls] 944KB

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PID report QI 2019-20 [xls] 946KB

PID report Q4 2018-19 [xls] 943KB

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PID report Q2 2018-2019 [xls] 938KB

PID report Q1 2018-2019 [xls] 938KB ​​​​​​

PID report Q4 2017-2018 [xls] 936KB

PID report Q3 2017-2018 [xls] 936KB ​​​​

PID report Q2 2017-2018 [xls] 2MB

PID-Report Q1-2017-2018 [xls] 2MB

PID-Report Q4-2016-2017 [xls] 610KB

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There were no closed commercial clinical trials in the last 12 months.