For clinicians

Service manager: Stephanie Sullivan, acting assistant integrated care director
                                for mental health & learning disability services
Lead person for queries: Karen Slater, team manager/learning disability nurse
Tel: 020 8227 5406
(Please ensure patient identifiable information is password protected)


Referrals can be sent via or service users and carers can contact the team directly or by phone or letter.

Criteria: Resident in Barking and Dagenham, aged over 18, believed to have needs predominantly associated with a learning disability. This includes:

  • IQ below 70
  • Significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information or to learn new skills
  • Reduced ability to cope independently, which starts before adulthood and has lasting effects on development.

All referrals will be screened to determine if the community learning disability team (CLDT) is the most appropriate team to meet your needs. Some individuals may be sign posted to more appropriate services.

Exclusions: Individuals whose predominant needs are not associated with a significant learning disability.

Test results required at referral: None.