For clinicians

Lead person for queries: Meryl Robinson - chief hearing therapist
Tel: 01375 674436
(Please do not email patient identifiable information to this address.)


Referral letters can be faxed or posted to the address or fax number below:

Hearing therapy service
Corringham Health Centre
Gifford Cross Road
SS17 7QQ

Fax: 01375 645313

Criteria: Referral from GP to ENT who can then refer to hearing therapy if appropriate. GP-only referral MUST be accompanied by a hearing test or the patient must have NHS hearing aids. Referrals also accepted from audiology, social services (sensory team), or self referral if patient is known to audiology, has had a recent hearing test or has NHS hearing aids. The hearing therapy service is provided to adults (age 16+) with the following problems:

  • tinnitus
  • hearing loss, ranging from mild to total
  • single sided deafness
  • problems discriminating speech
  • sudden acquired hearing losses
  • profound hearing losses
  • hyperacusis (sensitivity to noise) and associated conditions
  • auditory processing disorder                                      
  • cochlear implant information and support