EWMHS partners with Togetherall: 24/7 online mental health and wellbeing support, free for young people in Southend, Essex and Thurrock

We all know what it’s like to feel down, anxious, angry or stressed. But if those feelings don’t go away and stop you from living life to the full, you may need some extra support.

Young people in Southend, Essex and Thurrock who are going through a tough time or who need someone to talk to can access free, anonymous online support from Togetherall.

Commissioned by EWMHS, this service is available to all young people aged 16-18, and to young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) aged 16-25. The service is available 24/7 at www.togetherall.com.

Togetherall provides a safe, anonymous online community where you can talk about what you’re going through, and share experiences with people who feel the same as you. There is also a library of articles, tips and courses to help you understand how you are feeling. Trained counsellors are online 24/7 to keep the service safe.

Togetherall is completely anonymous, and members create a username which does not identify them in any way. One student who experienced depression commented, “It's just really nice to talk to people who don't know you, because they don't know your past and they can't judge you…What happens in Togetherall stays in Togetherall.”

Young people from Southend, Essex and Thurrock can join Togetherall for free by entering their postcode at togetherall.

Togetherall is working with NELFT and other NHS providers and supports thousands of people every year. To find out more about how Togetherall works, watch this short film here.