For clinicians

Doctor: Dr Russell Razzaque
Doctor: Dr Joanna Moncrieff
Doctor: Dr Dinesh Kumar
Doctor: Dr Sonali Gupta

Manager: Michael Chigango

Deputy Managers: Lucky Akpotor and Labake Akintunde


Please email - Referrals will also be accepted via Havering access and assessment team, NELFT Acute Services.

Criteria: Resident in Havering, aged 18 to 65. Diagnosis of serious mental illness subject to CPA and will require proactive treatment and strategies to engage with services. Complex mental health, including dual diagnosis and social care needs requiring multidisciplinary team interventions. Will require and be able to benefit from service interventions available within the community recovery service.

Exclusions: Primary diagnosis of substance misuse. Not subject to CPA. No self-referrals.

Test results required at referral: None.