The Havering community phlebotomy service operates from various sites within Havering. The service is offered to persons over 16 years of age. Please note GTTs (glucose tolerance tests) are not offered within the phlebotomy services provided.

3 June 2019

Stakeholder briefing – relocation of Phlebotomy service from Marks Gate Health Centre, Redbridge to the Victoria Centre, Havering  

Following work around the NELFT estates rationalisation programme, we have worked closely with Havering, Redbridge and Barking and Dagenham Clinical Commissioning Clinical Commissioning Groups and would like to inform stakeholders that the phlebotomy service that is currently operating out of Marks Gate Health Centre has relocated to the Victoria Centre on 28 May 2019.

NELFT previously delivered twice weekly morning sessions from Marks Gate (Tuesday and Thursday). Activity at this site was very low and is now being absorbed by the phlebotomy service located in the Chadwell Heath Centre, which is 1 mile away and is open Monday to Friday from 08:45 to 15:15.

These morning sessions at Marks Gate have now been changed to afternoon sessions at the Victoria Centre.  This means we are now offering additional afternoon sessions at a busy site which has faced challenges around waiting times. Availability of an afternoon session in Havering also ensures equity across the boroughs. There is an additional courier collection in place to facilitate this afternoon clinic.

Prior to the move we engaged closely with staff and have just completed a formal staff consultation to ensure colleagues that transferred to the Victoria Centre have had the opportunity to share their queries and concerns. The NELFT phlebotomy service at Marks Gate is the last service situated on this site.

We are currently also working with BHR CCG and BHRUT on improving access, including providing additional hours for blood testing at our various blood testing sites. This wider review is taking place and proposals will be shared in the summer 2019.

Additional information

Distance from Marks Gate Health Centre to Chadwell Heath is 1 mile

Travel time (excluding peak travel times).

5 minute car journey

20 minute walk

11 minutes on public transport

If you have any queries please contact  

Patient information

Please note that the blood test service in Cranham Clinic, Elm Park Clinic, Harold Hill Health Centre and Victoria Centre will close at 10:30am on the first Tuesday of every month.                 

Please note that the blood test service in Church Elm Lane Health Centre, Chadwell Heath Health Centre, Orchards Health Centre, Porters Avenue Health Centre and Thames View Health Centre will close at 12:30 on the first Wednesday of every month.

Blood Testing Service

Please be advised that if the demand for blood tests exceeds capacity the tickets may be removed before the stated closing time. 

Contact our service in Havering

Barbara Fenton - support services manager
Tel: 0208 822 4259

Cranham Clinic

Avon Road
RM14 1QS                                                                                  
01708 796100                                                                            

Cranham Walk In                                                          
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 08.45-12.15                    

Cranham Appointments                                                      
Monday-Friday 08.45 - 12.15                                                            

Elm Park Clinic

252 Abbs Cross Lane                                                              
RM12 4YG                                                                                  
Mon-Friday 08.30-12.15                                                  

Harold Hill                                                                          

Gooshays Drive                                                     
Monday-Friday 08.45-12.15                                  

Victoria Centre

Petits Lane
Romford RM1 4HP                                                              
Monday-Friday  08.30 - 12.30
Tuesday-Thursday 08.30 - 15.30


Appointments for Domiciliary visits are for housebound clients only. Referral method is from GP/Hospital/or other Allied Health Professional.                                                  

Referral is made by FAX or EMAIL via the details below:

Havering Domiciliary Fax: 0300 300 1951