Physiotherapy self-help advice

We understand that pain can be very limiting for some people, and often this may be the first time you have had an injury, fracture (broken bone) or joint replacement. It is understandable to ask questions about what to expect and also what can be done to help with your problems.

Our physiotherapists have produced some basic information to give you the current recommended advice about how to best manage your problems.

General health

It is important to look after your general health. This is especially important if you have an injury or any condition that affects the muscles and joints.

Our general health information leaflet includes advice about physical activity, diet, smoking, alcohol, and stress.

General health information leaflet[pdf] 102KB

Preventing back strain

Back and neck pain is very common. You can reduce the strain on your back and neck by improving your posture and lifting correctly. Improving your posture will help reduce your chance of experiencing back pain and can ease your back symptoms if you are already experiencing back pain.

The physiotherapy service has produced a short video to give advice for lifting, correcting posture in sitting, standing, lying and carrying bags. It is available in three languages:

Physiotherapy information leaflets

Head/neck and back conditions

Bell's Palsy - Bell's Palsy information leaflet[pdf] 315KB

Cervical spondylosis - Cervical spondylosis information leaflet[pdf] 487KB

Low back pain - Low back pain information leaflet[pdf] 235KB

Sciatica - Sciatica information leaflet[pdf] 107KB

Whiplash -  Whiplash information leaflet[pdf] 400KB

Arm conditions

Frozen shoulder - Frozen shoulder information leaflet[pdf] 507KB

Shoulder pain - Shoulder pain information leaflet[pdf] 531KB

Sub acromial decompression - Sub acromial decompression information leaflet[pdf] 433KB

Tennis elbow - Tennis elbow information leaflet[pdf] 94KB

Wrist fracture - Wrist fracture information leaflet[pdf] 393KB

Leg conditions

Ankle fracture / broken ankle - Ankle fracture information leaflet[pdf] 357KB

Ankle sprain - Ankle sprain information leaflet[pdf] 357KB

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction leaflet[pdf] 154KB

Heel pain -  Heel pain leaflet[pdf] 65KB

Sciatica - Sciatica information leaflet-leg[pdf] 147KB

Total hip replacement - Total hip replacement information leaflet[pdf] 145KB

Total knee replacement - Total knee replacement information leaflet[pdf] 158KB

General conditions

Falls - Falls information leaflet[pdf] 125KB

Fibromyalgia - Fibromyalgia information leaflet[pdf] 102KB

Infammation and swelling - Inflammation and swelling information leaflet[pdf] 171KB

Osteoarthritis - Osteoarthritis information leaflet[pdf] 186KB

Pain management - Pain management information leaflet[pdf] 45KB

Spondylosis - Spondylosis information leaflet[pdf] 126KB