For clinicians

Consultant Psychiatrist: Dr Henok Getachew
Consultant Psychiatrist: Dr Salah Abou El-Fadl
Consultant Psychiatrist: Dr Hannah Clark

Queries for Community recovery team

Service manager: Lucy Johnson Barnes
Tel: 0300 300 1706
(Please ensure patient identifiable information is password protected)


Referrals will be accepted from Redbridge access and brief intervention team or acute services at NELFT.

Criteria: Resident in Redbridge, aged 18 to 65, diagnosis of serious mental illness. Documented history of poor, intermittent or chaotic engagement with services. At risk of self harm or violence towards others, self neglect and/or exploitation by others.

Exclusions: Primary diagnosis of substance misuse. Not subject to CPA. No self referrals.

Test results required at referral: none.