Emergency contraception

Free emergency contraception for under 25's.

Emergency Contraception works up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. So if you have had sex and did not use contraception, or if you think your contraception did not work, its not too late as long as you act quickly.

Emergency contraception locations update!

Find out the most up to date info on emergency contraception in the Thurrock area.

What's Involved?

A one-off 'special high dose' of the hormonal contraceptive taken by mouth. Contact your GP if your period does not resume as normal. For more information please contact Community Contraception Services on 01375 898 350 Emergency contraception if not a substitute for a regular method of long-term contraception. For information about contraception go to http://www.likeitis.org/contraception.html. And remember, just because you've had sex - it doesn't mean you have to again - you can take some time out.