Single Point of Access (SPA)

What is SPA?

The Single Point of Access (SPA) is a team of clinicians who review your emotional and mental health concerns and help establish the best way to support you.

If you are not sure what help is needed you can call the team and speak to someone, or have the team view your concerns by submitting the online referral form. SPA work with  different organisations that offer emotional well being and mental health support and can also access different types of support eg: online advice and guidance.  Their function is to work out which service or type of support will best meet your individual needs and to work with you to access this. 

Decisions on where next?

Each referral form will be considered to identify which form of service is best placed to meet the individual needs of the child or young person.

These decisions may be made by clinicians reviewing the available information on this referral form.  Additionally, the decision may also involve the SPA clinician making contact with the child/young person/family or carer to gain further relevant information.

In the first instance the Kent Children and Young People's Mental Health Service will consider  an early intervention such as psycho-education, counselling, mentoring or other support. 

Kent CYPMHS may recommend a range of digital or online resources.  Websites and Apps maybe accessed online.  Further information regarding these can be found on the Kent CYPMHS web resource at: 

Not all services are provided from within Kent Children and Young People's Mental Health Service as we work in partnership with a range of locally provided resources within Kent.  These provide a range of diverse experiences using skilled counsellors and therapists throughout the county.

On completion of the triage by the SPA, a letter with the relevant information will be sent to the young person or child and family, with a copy being sent to the GP and referrer.