Treatment and Specialist equipment


First the child will receive an initial assessment. This is made up of discussions with both child and parent and also clinical observations to identify occupational concerns. If the child is open to other services, we may liaise with other professional and retrieve relevant information to ensure a holistic service is provided.

After the initial assessment, the therapist will discuss and decide the most appropriate route to take. This could include any of the following:

  • Standardised Assessments (DASH, Movement ABC ect)
  • 1:1 therapy block with OT/ OTA
  • Group therapy block
  • Parent led therapy at home with resources provided
  • Equipment provisions
  • Joint Physiotherapy or Speech and Language Therapy sessions.
  • Signposting to alternative services

If no further treatment is indicated, then your child/young person will be discharged from our service and the referring professional will be informed.

Specialist Equipment

If concerns are identified, we provide specialist equipment which may be a fundamental part of your child’s/young person’s treatment and postural management programme. This includes seating equipment, specialist beds and splinting.

Examples of specialist equipment:

examples of specialist equipment

If specialist equipment is assessed for and deemed appropriate for the child’s needs, we will work closely with equipment advisors to ensure the equipment supplied is suitable for your child and fits the purpose for which it has been provided. Equipment will be monitored and reviewed with your child’s/young person’s changing needs.

If you have any concerns regarding the equipment that has been provided you must contact the Children’s Occupational Therapy Team for advice.