Undergraduate Students

At NELFT we host medical students from Kings College, UCL and the BARTS medical school .The majority of our students come from the BARTS medical school and we offer 2nd year medicine in Society placements as well as year 4 psychiatry placements. We regularly review student’s feedback to develop our placements. Students are given experience in both general adult and older adult psychiatry as well as specialities like forensic psychiatry, psychiatry in learning disabilities; child and adult psychiatry, perinatal and liaison psychiatry. We also offer SSC modules for medical students as well as clinical electives. Students are given experience though innovative ways of teaching e. g through a “hearing voices group”, Virtual clinical encounters reflective practice sessions and through drama and critical psychiatry debates. Over the years we have developed an A level summer school which has been very popular amongst students applying for medicine.

2nd Year Medicine in Society Placements

The Fellows in Medical Education provide the first contact with mental health services for medical students in year 2, delivering an immersive teaching programme of patient encounters, tutorials and group activities. Through these sessions, the students also experience MDT working and the impact of mental illness on patients and their families.

Year 4 Students

We organise clinical placements for year 4 students rotating through different psychiatric specialties, both in hospital and in the community. During these placements students have the chance to participate actively in clinical teams, becoming an integral part of the team. They engage in further training, including clinical skills training, mock OSCEs and simulation training. Other opportunities that students get to be a part of include (e.g. drama productions). We also provide mentorship and supervision to year 4 students doing their SSC modules with us. Furthermore the Fellows in Medical Education provide teaching training for medical students who have a passion for Medical Education. These students get to partake in training activities like delivering mental health training in schools.

The Associate Dean for undergraduate medical education is responsible for the medical student placements within the Trust, and is supported by the Fellows in Medical Education who coordinate the training initiatives delivered to the students. Together, their responsibility is to ensure students get the best clinical experience and are exposed to a variety of clinical conditions and management within a safe working environment.They make sure that the supervisors are aware of the curriculum and are supported in delivering best quality medical education.