The medical leadership team at NELFT is ambitious for the future of the trust and those we serve. Great leadership is about team work and each locality associate medical director works alongside operational leads keeping quality improvement at the heart of all we do.

A strong medical and dental education programme and our growing research portfolio reflect NELFTs emphasis on evidence-based professional support and development. Our new children and young people, adult mental health and learning disabilities and older peoples Communities of Practice work across diverse geographical CCG communities in making sure we seek and locally apply the best evidence available as we drive service improvement. Each is co-led with colleagues by an associate medical director.

We are always looking to recruit the best and welcome doctors with ambition who we can support to develop careers within NELFT and beyond.

As a community and mental health provider we have positive insights into what helps people remain independent at home or on the path to recovery. If you share these insights and value people you will find NELFT a rewarding place to be.

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