Key policies

Assessment of Mental Capacity SOP 2020.pdf [pdf] 10MB
Duty of Candour policy 2021.pdf
Best care clinical strategy 2017 - 2027[pdf] 2MB
Compliments Comments Concerns and Complaints Policy.pdf [pdf] 5MB
Consent to Examination or Treatment 2021.pdf
Counter Fraud and Corruption Policy and Response Plan final with changes from NHSCFA policy.pdf [pdf] 827KB
Charitable Funds Policy.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Clinical Handover and Discharge Policy.pdf [pdf]
Data protection policy [pdf] 508KB

Disciplinary policy for internet.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy 2020.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Freedom to Speak Up Raising and Responding to Concerns Policy Final.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Health and Safety policy 2021.pdf
Incident Reporting Policy.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Information security and access control policy [pdf] 420KB
Standard infection control precautions, Hand hygiene, aseptic non touch technique, management of incidents and outbreaks of infection policy[pdf] 12MB (policy remains valid and is currently being reviewed)
NELFT Major Incident Plan.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Medicines Policy [pdf] 771KB
Missed appointments policy[pdf] 2MB
NICE Guidance Implementation Policy 2016 [pdf] 675KB
Protecting adults, young people and children who are at risk of domestic violence and harmful practices policy [pdf] 936KB 
Protecting children and adults who are at risk of or experiencing exploitation [pdf] 1MB ​​​​​​
Risk Management Policy 2020.pdf [pdf] 2MB
Safeguarding Standard Operating Procedure.pdf [pdf] 2MB
Safeguarding-Children-Supervision-policy-approved-13.04.17.pdf.pdf [pdf] 2MB (currently being reviewed)
SI Policy - Dec 20 EMT approved Mar 21.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Sustainability and environmental management policy [pdf] 446KB
Working with Pharmaceutical Industy.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Freedom to speak up policy [pdf] 350KB


Medicine policy, formularies and shared care guidelines

For NELFT medicine policy, formularies and shared care guidelines, please visit:
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