NELFT Procurement

Procurement at NELFT is responsible for the requirements of sourcing, market research, supplier evaluation and negotiation of contracts ensuring that the purchases and supplies are consistent with the policy framework laid down by NELFT. It also involves the purchasing activities required to order and receive goods. 

Procurement also ensures NELFT is achieving value for money and all procurements are compliant with the Trust's Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs), [DP1] EU Directives and UK Regulations.
For more information on SFIs: 
Standing Financial Instructions [pdf] 255KB

We strive to achieve excellence in procurement by engaging with our stakeholders to understand their needs and obtain the best quality services and goods for our service users and patients and our staff.

Working with NELFT

Our requirements are published through following websites where you will find information and how to register your interest:

Procurement hubs

We regularly use Framework Agreements through procurement hubs. These websites include information on some of our commonly used procurement hubs with information on how to register for opportunities:

Terms and conditions of contract

When setting up a new contract with a supplier or issuing a Purchase Order, NELFT follows the NHS Standard Terms and Conditions (T’s & C’s). If there are any additional conditions needed the standard T’s & C’s must form the basis of the contract.

For further information on the standard terms and conditions, please refer to:
NHS terms and conditions for procuring goods and services